Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Post shooting trauma

It's a full 10 days since the last evidence of poor impulse control* regarding America's fascination with guns and machines of killing has occurred.

Maybe this tragedy is actually mellowing me a bit.

I used to feel that the second amendment needed to be revised to say, you can own as many single shot muskets as you want.

Now I am beginning to think, you really don't need to own over 12 muskets in total.

Let's pretend we are members of the "federalist society", that right wing society of lawyers who believe that the constitution needs to be viewed as a document that never changes.

Ok.  A firearm in the 18th century was a musket, or a cannon.

There were no handguns (pistols), or (semi) or automatic rifles then.

Based on what the constitution wrote,  automatic weapons should not be allowed because of this.

Wow. Antonio Scalia must be turning over in his grave (the NY liberal in me can only hope!)

When viewed in this light, the second amendment really begins to look questionable.

* hats off to Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, where one of the villians has that (PIC) tattooed on his farhead.
...oh, did you know Snow Crash is being made into a Netflix show?  Fantabulous!!

Friday, October 06, 2017


It's time to admit the truth.
    The NRA has corrupted our society.

NAMBLA* was, but is no-more.
NRA is, but must be no-more.

As perversion is to guns.


May this too, come to pass.

*NAMBLA or the North American  Man-Boy Love Association existed starting in the early -mid 1980's.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Shame-Out: NRA and rifle controls

Headline October 1, 2017.
Over 50 dead. Shooter uses high speed rifle and kills over 50/wounds over 200 at music festival in Las Vegas.

It's time to finally stop letting the NRA screw up our country.

It's time to start calling EVERY gun related shooting a terrorist event.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Shame-out: 45 screws up "Jones act" Hurricane relief

***update 845 am**

His press secretary just tweeted he was suspending Jones act.

One good move.. He listened to his advisers for a change.


Well, he's done it again.  The idiot in chief has denied Puerto Rico's request to suspend the Jones act  [That law requires all shipping between US ports to use US registered ships].  He denied the request, despite having done this for houston and Florida, in the previous hurricanes.

What a dork.  Not really a smart decision in an emergency situation.

First order of business:
Have the cell carriers drop emergency cell
systems (with generators) all over the island.  The carriers all have these mini cells ready to go.

Second:  have air force drop new emergency air traffic controllers and min command centers into airport. The main radar towers were destroyed.

Third:  army staff the ports to unload ships
Immediate tankers with gas diesel to island.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Shame out: 45 screws up national anthem

Ok.  3 days after our current moron in chief ( boy, 43 is beginning to look like a nobel laureate now!)
Declared that he wants to fire anyone who doesn't attend fire the national anthem, he's just made it deRigur to NOT stand for it ever again.

Boy is he screwed up. Its time for Every American to note sit or kneel for it.

Way to go, 45, open your mouth, destroy an Institution!!

One who does not kneel, is now proving they are an alt-right supporting RACIST.
No takebacks or   do overs

You asked for him.  Now we all need TO respond to keep our democracy!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shout out to hand maiden's Emmy

Very nice.   Congrats on your Emmy.

Just be aware.  It Can happen here

Go into Sinclair Lewis's book -it can happen here. Amazingly Accurate about what was predicted in 1935.

We're living it at this moment

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Its Health care, stupid Senators


Let's see. since 1950, the Republicans in Congress have stopped health care at least 8 different times.

Now we have them claiming to want to  "fix" Obamacare.

There is ONLY  ONE solution.
Single payer health care.

Let's just do the easy thing.

Take the Congressional health plan, and make it our default NATIONAL health plan.

We could easily just as easily take Medicaid or Medicare, and make them the new default.

It won't be easy, or cheap.  But we can do it, especially if we phase it in over 20 years. (Shameless plug for my other blog, "sos-newdeal.blogspot.com")

Now too Mr. Mitch. McConnell that is.

See this story.  He had a "free" stress test that led to heart surgery, on the public dime.


Friday, June 16, 2017

It's the GUNS, STUPID!

Dateline: a few days after the shooting at the republican baseball game practice in Virginia.
Background:   "deranged" Democrat shoots 'publican lawmakers.
REAL issues:
  1. It's POLITICS Stupid!
  2. It's the GUNS, Stupid!
  3. It's a lack of respect and cooperation, Stupid.
  4. It's the ALT-Right, Stupid.

1)  Politics.   After the 1994 Republican's "Contract with America" a war was declared by the republicans against everything traditional Democrats believed in.  One of the key results was (see attached retribution:
He described the election of 1994 as an "epic slaughter of the majority party in Congress" that "changed American politics for the foreseeable future," and that "(a)fter 60 years of Democratic dominance in American politics, the two parties were on a par." He concludes that "(t)he main reason was surely the Contract with America..."[13]
2) GUNS.
2a)  It's the fact that (again), the Republicans in Congress REFUSE to support reasonable GUN LAWs.  The Second amendment to the constitution allows citizens to own as many MUSKETS as they want.  It says NOTHING about ownership of MULTIPLE FIRE MACHINE GUNS.

2b)  So WHEN THE HECK will the "GUN Show loophole" be closed?  When MORE stupid congressmen get killed.

3) Respect and cooperation is dead in congress.  Congressmen no longer live in Washington, and no longer get to know the party on the other side of the Aisle.  The three day congressional workweek (commute to Washington on Monday, home on Friday), is the political boondoggle of all time.
At least before this, we paid them for a five day workweek.

It's also time to get rid of the two month summer vacation.

4) It's the ALT-RIGHT. 
Formerly known as the KKK, The Nazi Party, etc.,  or now the contract with the RACIST whites who refuse to quietly realize that the country has changed.
This is the most dangerous reason for this week's shooting.   These newly empowered racists are a threat to EVERYONE in this country.

IT's the GUNS stupid.  Instituting a mandatory background check for every gun sale, everywhere will help reduce our daily shooting violence in this country!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Mideast Peace -- it's possible..

Believe it or not, it IS  possible.
However, you cannot look back to the borders of 50 years ago to solve this problem.

First of all, the 1967 borders are not perfect, not permanent.

In order to serve, and obtain peace, we need to look at what happened in 1947, when the British mandate ruling over Palestine was dissolved.

The Brand new U.N. declared two a would be created from that land.

Bingo, it's a start. The Jews accepted, and called the land is historic name, Israel.

The Arab/Palestinians living there said, "no way",I want my land AND that land, and thus 13 Arab nations attacked Israel all at once.

Let's stop with the ears and go back to the UN deal of 1947.

That deal isn't perfect, but it's borders are in someway better then the B.S. borders of 1967.

Oh yeah.  Here's the reasons both sides won't be interested.

1) the Israelis won't like the fact that the UN plan calls for Jerusalem to be an open city.

1a) given the fact that Jordan controlled the old city of Jerusalem for 19 years until 1967 and not one new was ever allowed inside, Israel had a much better record over the past 50 years of granting access to all religions, and making the city open.

2) the Arabs, especially Jordan, won't like the fact that almost one half of the land allocated to the Palestinian state is in Jordan, on the OTHER side of the Jordan River.
2a) if we also go back another 30 years we see there was never a state of Jordan before then.
2b) if you look at the reaction of all of the Arab countries to the Palestinian refugees at the campus on their soil, not ONE of them offered citizenship to any of the refugees, and they were never allowed to leave their camps.
2b1) had they been given citizenship, a great deal of the problems of the camps world not have occurred.

Simple solution, complex problems.
Won't ever happen. Sigh.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shout out -- NOLA Mayor's moving speech

Wow.  New Orleans's ( NOLA) mayor just amazed me after reading  his speech from last week.

To recap,  last Friday, NOLA removed the fourth of four Confederate era monuments, three of which were removed in the middle o MNf the night due to threats of violence.

The fourth was removed last Friday, when mayor Mitch Landry gave this speech.

The mayor grew up in NOLA, and that likely explains his attitude and decisions.  But in case you may have missed it,  he's also white.

Here's the link to the speech.  It's fantastic

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The summer of '74 -- instant 'replay--replay-replay--replay'

$pecial update...
6-8-17. 10am

The first of the TRUMP-GATE hearings.
James (FBI) Comey's TESTIMONY.

It's starting!!!!  Just think of 1974.
And John Dean said recently that Trump is out watergate-ing watergate

Pity the poor fool who doesn't learn from history.
I'm very very sorry for that Mr. T reference. .
I didn't even know that he did a TV show with that name that actually lasted SIX episodes ten years ago! (Wikipedia is just what someone with ADHD like me needs !)
... Anyway..., It was was... THE SUMMER OF WATERGATE... and the summer long Watergate hearings of the house intelligence committee.
 (here we go again...) 44 years ago this summer [in Rolling Stone magazine this week I read yesterday discussed the 50th  anniversary remix/2 CD re-release of Sgt. Pepper this summer]
Boy oh Boy, do I remember the 'summer of '74.  I remember spending most of the summer in front of the TV, switching between the 3 networks.
You do remember when we only had THREE (major) TV networks [CBS, NBC, and ABC]?   It was a time less divided, when we switched on the news as 7:00 PM, and listened to Uncle Walter (CBS), Huntley-Brinkley (NBC), and ?? on ABC...
 Well it was in 1972, that Nixon's plumbers (his 'fix-it' crew) botched a break-in at the newly opened watergate hotel and office complex in Washington DC, and broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee.
Some things never change, except that this past year, it wasn't the president's men, but a foreign government's agents that will have brought down the current president.
It wasn't until the next summer that everything started becoming clear.   It wasn't until October 1973 when Nixon had his "Saturday Night Massacre", that everything started rolling downhill.

Today, President Trump is rolling ten times faster then NIXON did.

Trump is to NIXON as a Mustang is to a Yugo
(ohh boy... here comes that SAT word analogy...)
That is... Nixon's obstruction of justice unfolded over two to three years... TRUMP's obstruction of justice is going just as his twitter account goes, at 140 miles per hour.

SO.. SIT DOWN, find a good TV channel (Say, CSPAN), and watch TRUMP destroy himself MUCH faster then NIXON did. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

The war of Northern Aggression?! (aka the Civil War)

Ok guys. I admit it.   I grew up in the North.
However, having spent my fair amount of time down here (south), I still hear way too much about :

  • The North.  How we destroyed everything Good.
  • Slaves.
  • Bigotry.
  • Why the Confederate flag is NOT racist.
  • Why poverty and drugs are a Black thing.
  • Why Jefferson Davis deserves to be honored

Ok.  (Lecture mode on!)

Since the massacre of 7 blacks during a Bible study in South Carolina two years ago, it really can't be said that the Confederate flag is anything except a symbol of racial hated, or perhaps a desire for a comeback of white supremacy again.

It's time for ALL Southerners to:

  • Repudiate the Confederate flag as a symbol of history.
    • Admit that the flag is NOW  symbol of HATE
  • Stop trying to deny the North won that war.
  • Stop trying to pretend that racism isn't a huge problem in this country.
  • Understand that white privilege isn't a birth-right.

Updated for Grammar, auto-correct...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Shame out: Trump attacks the press, autocrat in training!

Originally written 2-19-17. Just published..

Wow.  I also just remembered that Adolph Hitler was ALSO elected to the highest office in Germany, after World War I (also at the time called, "THE GREAT WAR") and slowly but surely took away
  • Freedom of the Press
  • The rights of minorities (including Catholics, Jews, Gypsies, and many other minorities)
  • The Right to own weapons

Well It REALLY is beginning to look quite similar.  I am going to save the comparison for another post!

Reminder: Herr Trump held a 77 minute press conference on Thursday morning, that was a half-hour speech, and about 45 minutes of questions. **see note  at bottom ** 

He is starting to look like a third rate dictator who wants  to destroy a country's press.(think Germany, Italy, or even RUSSIA!)

I am not even going to start on Friday's "Herr Trump" Tweet, saying, The PRESS is the enemy
(here is his ORIGINAL TWEET, which was deleted after one minute, and re-formatted (and removed the word "SICK").

Let's just go and say, "HEIL TRUMP" From now on.   

25073877 20160202 23392 1y43dg8
Propublica has an automated historical  record of ALL of Trump's deleted Tweets.
The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!: Deleted after 1 minute at 4:33 PM on 17 Feb
replaced with: 

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

NOW THIS is SICK.  The Elected president of the (formerly) UNITED STATES of America says everyone is LYING?

Even FOX NEWS?   How about this ...

Shepard Smith (a REPORTER), not a news PRESENTER on FOX news, was watching the Press Conference on Thursday, and he just reached his breaking point, and kept pointing out that almost EVERYTHING coming from HERR TRUMP's mouth is "UNQUESTIONABLY and demonstrated FALSE" (directly quoted by Smith at 2 mins 35 seconds into the clip).

**Note:  If it looks like a Rose Fact, Smells like a Rose Fact, then it IS a Rose Fact.
and because some of those TRUMP supporters will not look at the TRUTH as opposed to his LIES, they need to be REMINDED of the similarities between Mr. Trump, and the Little Dictator that almost destroyed the world.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Supreme's (minus One) critical Cases THIS TERM!


Reuters just reported (Again, I am quoting, and simply re-formatting words to make them EASIER to underSTAND!  (... means, I deleted...)

Supreme Court to set guidelines for Trump treatment of non-citizens

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide three cases in coming months that could help or hinder President Donald Trump's efforts to ramp up border security and accelerate deportations of those in the country illegally.

The three cases, which reached the court before (...)President Barack Obama left office, all deal (...) broadly with the degree (...) which non-citizens can assert rights under the U.S. Constitution.
They come at a time when the court is one justice short and divided along ideological lines, with four conservatives and four liberals.
Case 1:The most pertinent of the three cases(...)whether immigrants in custody (...)have the right to a hearing (...)when their cases are not promptly adjudicated.
The long-running class action (...) brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of (...)immigrants detained for more than six months, (...) includes legal permanent residents in deportation proceedings because they were convicted of crimes.  
A decision in the case requiring additional court hearings could have very direct implications for the administration's plans,(...) since immigration courts currently have a backlog of more than 500,000 cases.  The ACLU estimates that up to 8,000 immigrants nationwide at any given time have been held for at least six months.

Case 2 & 3:
The other cases to (...) concern whether U.S. government officials can be sued over mistreatment of non-citizens in two separate contexts.

# 2  Whether the family of 15-year-old Mexican teenager Sergio Hernandez, who was killed while on Mexican soil by a U.S. agent firing from across the border in Texas, can sue under the U.S. Constitution.
  #3  A long running civil lawsuit brought by immigrants, mainly Muslims, who were detained in New York after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and claim they were mistreated.
The group of Muslim, Arab and South Asian non-U.S. citizens say they were held as terrorism suspects based on race, religion, ethnicity and immigration status and abused in detention before being deported.
But the best line in the article is the last!

(...)An immigration law professor at Drexel University's(...) Law School, said the furor over the treatment of non-U.S. citizens affected by the travel ban could bleed over into how the court approaches the cases.

"It might be the atmospherics of what’s going on now might lead to a closer look from the justices," he said.

 Hmmm... Them's THINKING words!

I also predict that there will be a major Filibuster over Trump's supreme court nomination, and that the 9th chair will go unfilled for four years, or until Trump resigns, and Pence is impeached.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Shout OUT! Robert S. Harward REFUSES to be A Trumph-ette.

Wow.  What a nightmare.   Oh, Wait.   It's reality. Donald Drumph really IS the President of the (formerly) United States.

Today's Google-News Feed.
Whatever the Reason, (whether after finally retiring from the Military, he wants to MAKE $$$$, or just is avoiding the politics), I applaud Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward's decision to JUST SAY NO" to our 45th President.

NO means NO!
No cooperating with our 45th President Autocrat.
NO working for people with ALTERNATE VIEWS of REALITY
NO to a Administration that is ALREADY self-destroying this country.

“It’s purely a personal issue,” Harward told The Associated Press, adding that the Trump administration was “very accommodating to my needs, both professionally and personally.”
Trump’s Public Humiliation
  (editing, and emphasis of points is MINE, rather then from slate!)
This one is great.  Fred Kaplan, author of Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. says "By rejecting the national security adviser job, Robert Harward gave cover to every professional who wants to turn the president down.
He goes on to say that there were three main reasons, Harward turned Trump down, essentially:
  1. ...It is very unusual—almost unheard of—for a senior military officer, retired or otherwise, to turn down a request from the commander-in-chief. 
  2. ...largely for that reason, by rejecting the offer Harward has provided cover to other officers, and to civilian national-security analysts with a similar sense of patriotic duty, to turn down this president, too. Service, in this case, is not its own reward and by no stretch worth the sacrifice.
  3. Third, the Financial Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other news outlets are reporting that 
  • Harward turned down the offer in part because:
    • Trump wouldn’t let him fire several officials that Flynn had hired for his staff and install his own team instead. 
    • This suggests that Trump is adamant on keeping certain people loyal to him—including Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, a former Fox News commentator who Trump admired. 
      • The news reports don’t mention whether Harward made demands about Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief political strategist, (who wrote the executive order that placed himself on the NSC Principals Committee and has created a parallel NSC structure called the Strategic Initiatives Group, comprised of a few extreme right-wing associates. 
Kaplan continues explaining the purpose of the NSC, that in the (Harward),  would:
  •  ...(A)dvise the president, to the extent the president wants to be advised. 
  • In other words, to make the job worthwhile, the adviser must have:
    •  Close access to the president
    •  Clear lines of authority over the national-security bureaucracy.
Trump would not guarantee Harward this sort of authority, so Harward turned the job down. 
 The Post reported that Harward was also reluctant to accept the offer for financial reasons, worried that leaving his job as a senior executive at Lockheed Martin would hurt his family.
Yet few military officers—especially retired generals and admirals—let such factors get in the way of serving the president.
And here's the REAL takeaway of the ENTIRE article!  
CNN quoted one of Harward’s friends saying that, in mulling over the decision, he was persuaded most of all by the sheer dysfunction of Trump’s presidency, describing the job he was offered as “a shit sandwich.”
In other words, Trump was given a choice:
  •  Cater to the loyalty and ambitions of his political operatives, 
    • who have no competence whatsoever in national security affairs—
  • OR  
  • install a professional who can build and maintain a functioning national-security apparatus. 
 (Trump): chose the former. 
AGAIN, a SHOUT OUT to the MAN who stood up to Donald TRUMP, and said, "YOU're FIRED!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shame OUT! Retired General Michael Flynn. TRAITOR OR Treason-er?

FOR SHAME, you RED leaning readers.

THE FBI, and all of America's Intelligence Agencies agree that they have evidence that RUSSIA elected "He who shall not be named" as our 45th President.

THIS IS NOT speculation, or a random accusation.  IT IS a proven fact.

 What we now see (on February 14th), is that MICHAEL FLYNN was the KEY to how this happened.

  • Fact:    The disgraced Security Director spoke to the Russian Ambassador BEFORE he was confirmed by the senate, and BEFORE his boss, President "he who shall not be named" was Inagurated as President #45 of our country.
See:  Keith Olbermann: Michael Flynn Should Be Fired -- And Arrested For Treason
See: Conspiring' with Russia the 'very definition of treason
See: Dan Rather Blasts 45's Integrity
 See: Trump campaign in-contact-with-russian-intel??
See: Steven Colbert (not the old fake news one) says, "what a dummy-mike-flynn"
and Finally:  GOP Senator says, "Enough is Enough"

 Open Question:  Did Flynn violate the Logan Act

Another Question.

CAN we Please now start a campaign  to "IMPEACH PENCE"?
*  In my crystal ball mode, (to me, at least it's obvious)
  •  that THE DONALD is now president 
  • He's Proven that he lies.
  • He's proven that a Sociopath can be elected president
  • He's proven my (unfortunately unpublished) prediction that he will last less then 4 months (120 days) as president 
  • That to accomplish this, he used what Scott Adams explained as  "Mass Hypnotism".

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SHAME-OUT our 45th President who shall not go named. Takes away liberties and LIES

well. It took less then 10 days for "He who shall not be named" to SCREW up the United States.

Remember.  The person writing this blog has watched Donald Drumph and how he has behaved (word used with great sarcasm here!) for over 45 years as a New York City born and raised boy.  Us NYers have watched his lies for decades and were not fooled by his performance/

TRUMP LIES.  He does not (and has never) spoken anything truthful, except that he loves himself.

This past weekend he issued two executive orders, one on immigration, stoping all access from 7 countries (why was Saudia Arabia, and other muslim countries excluded from the ban?)

Could it be that MR TRUMP has BUSINESS interests in these countries?  WELL we'll  never know, as we never saw his TAX RETURNS.

Conflict of interest, or TREASON?

Remember. Hitler was ELECTED to office in Germany, THEN he became the dictator!

it's time to TAKE ACTION!
email your leglislators.

and remember to call Herr Trump by his rightful name, Das Donald. or Das Dictator

oh, you voted for him and you're still happy?

These first 10 days are only a small taste of what Der Donald and his Alt-right sidekick Gerbels Bannon are up to...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shoutout-- A Moving Tribute to our 44th President (Sniff Sniff)


Well It's official.  Donald Trump is now President of the United States.  Heaven Help us all.  I can only pray that our nation will still be in one piece and intact in 3 years and 363 days.

I actually started to cry when I saw the last skit of Saturday Night Live last night.
It was a song.   Sung to a large portrait of our first black President, the song from 1967, "To Sir, With Love", (sung by ...[and I did NOT google this!!!] Lulu (a one hit wonder.)

Too soon for a video of the song to be up, but I might update this.  Spoke to soon... This still sends CHILLS down my spine..

I did want to cry.  For our nation.  For the more then half of the  population who DID  not vote for the current President.  For our Democracy.  For the FBI director who will go directly to hell when he dies, rather then the good place.

Did you Trump voters ACTUALLY think he was  going to DRAIN THE SWAMP? (SNL presents Vladimir Putin)  He's got more billionaires on his cabinet then in all previous administrations combined.

Not to mention the poster boy of the ALT-RIGHT (Can you say NEO-NAZI's?) who is now in the White House.

ALL I can say is, that We've ALL BEEN TRUMPED!
Check back in 4 years, and let me know! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Donald Trump Controversy

OK.  I am not into the Donald.

(Photo from Last week Tonight with John Oliver)

Mr. Trump is NOT a feel-good kind of person.

Here's a headline.

His (newest) current Campaign "CEO",, Steve Bannon, who formerly helmed a website that he himself once described as “the platform for the Alt-Right.”
(also the former/current head of  the Breitbart pseudo-news platform), has again shot the Donald in the foot.

According to the Daily Beast, it's essential for you to know that support of the Donald is the same as supporting these ANTI-Semites.

The main folks behind the Alt-Right movement, clearly say, "

Alt-Right Leaders: We Aren’t Racist, We Just Hate Jews"


So I say.  Are you Jewish? 

Despite the fact that The Donald's daughter,  son in law and grandchildren are (orthodox) Jews, You CANNOT possibly justify voting for the Donald if you know that his fringe supporters want to create a white fringe white  only (NO Jews allowed) state.

The racist, anti-semitic, white power group called the ‘alt-right’ has been mainstreamed thanks to Breitbart and the Trump campaign. And they are loving the attention.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dump Trump

More on the Republican Candidate for President.

Sociopath Donald.   (See previous Post)

Trump-- incitement to violence

Ok.  It's time.  The  NY daily news (that Ultra left wing NYC tabloid--no, not really)
Says it's time for The Donald (aka Donald Drumph) to TRUMP needs to QUIT the campaign.
For those in a closet, The Donald says that if Hillary is elected, the right wing should use their second amendment rights .
For those that are really not with it, that is essentially saying. "go assassinate the president or supreme Court justices "
It's time for the FBI or secret service to arrest mr. trump for attempted assassination of a former white House occupant.
He said , essentially. Go, kill. 
I say.  Ms. Attorney General.  Go. 
Look here and arrest him.  Threats against former Presidents and First Ladies

The link above works if you  cut and paste it into a new window (here : https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/879

and I quote: 
Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon—
  •   a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President.
  •  a member of the immediate family of the President,
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

Here we come Ms. Attorney General.  Go Get him!

ANYONE who thinks

Monday, July 25, 2016

In memorian: Yahoo SOLD to Verizon???

Oh really?

In case you don't know the backstory, but only reason Yahoo is seeming itself is that they tried to spin off the $$$ part of the company ( they were a founding investor in the Chinese compant tencent [ now the same size or larger then yahoo!]), but the IRS refused to allow yahoo a tax free spin out to its shareholders.

So,  because they couldn't get rid of the huge financial part of the company, they had to sell the main part of the business.

So...now Verizon owns @ol and Yahoo.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Heil Donald


Has anyone noticed that the Donald's rallies are starting to remind one of Adolph (may his memory be blotted out) Hitler's actions and rallies both before his 1926 election and after his election?

I just heard this discussion... Trump now says there will be riots if he's not nominated at the convention.

Sounds more and more like the beginnings of a totalitarian regime.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Shout-out: Apple iPhone & security a solution

Ok.   Here's an answer to the Apple/U.S. court problem regarding the encryption in iPhones.

Background paragraph:
All current operating systems(apple, Microsoft, linux) ALL have their innards descended  from AT&T's Bell Labs UNIX.
(UNIX  WAS a registered trademark...)

very brief problem explanation: newest version of iPhone's OS will delete all contents of the phone if wrong password is entered 10 times.
U.S. court has ordered Apple to break into THIS SPECIFIC phone.

ANSWER To problem:
1) apple takes phone takes it apart.
2) on bench, a duplicate copy of phone's memory is copied  is moved to New phone.
3) FBI then attempts another 9 password cracks.
Repeat step 2 until fbi gets password.

THIS ALLOWS APPLE TO NOT DECRYPT Phone, FBI  can then get password and makes it one time (one phone) procedure less subject to abuse because (law enforcement, foreign governments, hackers) will need to have and disassemble phone before breaking it!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

2nd Amendment - Update

The Second Amendment is OUTDATED

It's time to admit it.  200 years ago we said every citizen has the right to bear arms.  This is still true.
 EVERY Citizen has the right to bear as MANY MUSKETS (single shot, hard to load) as they want.

You NRA nuts can still have 50 muskets lined up in your house.

You just should NOT be allowed to have AUTOMATIC weapons!
 OR bullet-proof armour either

We can start re-thinking this by:

  •  Removing the "Gun Show" loophole for background checks.
    •  Implementing Research into gun violence

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shame-OUT;-- Susan G. Komen -- Bah HUMBUG

Give me a break.

THIS IS a PARTISAN political decision.

To STOP funding planned parenthood in this day and age and claim it ISN't a PARTISAN political decision, or fear of the FASCIST/REPUBLICAN fearmongers is cheesy.

Come clean.. Admit you;'re blatently pandering to the far right, because you're afraid.

This is yet another case of the far right/fascist ultra conservative right's attempt to turn back Roe V. Wade.
One dribble at a time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The real UNDERGROUND economy!

Hey. Here's a quick look at where a great deal of our country's data is stored.
save, dont post +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The background I believe that: * We're HEADING into a DEPRESSION. We're (now) IN a depression! * It's going to be as BAD as the last one. * I call this Depression 2.0 * The first (2008 housing bubble) only bring us 25% into the problem!! * According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%. * We need a new deal. * After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon... * We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills. * Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything. SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society... But.... We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once. If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one! Here's what I came up with: We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society: * Create A Living Wage * Create a National Single payer Healthcare * Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service) * Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months * Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich * Lobbying (Political Reform) * Education * Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs) * Lack of Training/futures * Truth and Reconcilliation Commission * A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shout-0ut : Good job HP.. Hello Meg, and Good Luck

Well.  Isn't this special?

HP's (now former) CEO  is out.   Less then one month after blind-siding the Board of directors of HP, (when the (now fired CEO) announced the dismemberment  of the entire company by selling the PC division, and junking the former PALM OS (now WEB-OS HW and SW) unit, and creating a FIRE-Sale situation for all them $400 tablets at $100, he is GONE.

Replacing him is Ms. (I can't be a Governor, I'm too business-like to win), Meg Whitman.


Oh yeah.

If it were me (I should be so lucky one day...)

a) I would create a new fully owned corporation called Palmcorp.

I would take web-os, license it, and all of the hardware (think phones and touchpad) back to palmcorp

And then I would AGGRESSIVE recruit, and restart the development, and raise the price on tablets from $100 and $150 to $199 and $250 (one hundred dollar price increase) for the NEXT generation (to be
released first quarter next year.
and just chalk off the loss to market generation.

But... I just am a forward thinking, cyber-geek.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shame OUT: House : Government Shutdown in 8 days

Stupid #$#@*Q syndicators think content protection works!

Real Image HERE:
And I bet the strip authors would PREFER their work to be shown and distributed: thanks to sixchix .

Hey. I've said it BEFORE...  We're about to go into YET ANOTHER Republican ENGINEERED Government shut-down alert.

THIS IS THE THIRD time this year.

AND I REPEAT.   ANYONE who thinks that our current political situation is SANE, is actually insane (that's called a Catch-22--Heh Heh)

We Are in a case of class warfare, and I am ready for the Republicans to be SLAUGHTERED in 2012.
We need (despite my qualms about the President), to RELECT him, and SWEEP in FILIBUSTER proof majorities in the HOUSE and Senate.

Then we need to:
* ENACT NEW financial reforms.
* Tax the wealthy that do NOT CURRENTLY pay ANY US taxes.
* Enact a REAL JOBS program, similar to the Works Project Administration.

9  8 7 days and counting. AND if we're lucky, the PRESIDENT will NOT bow down to the demands of the Tea-Party and Republican idiots. (I promised not to use the choice phrase I previously did because I was told it is a REALLY BAD bad phrase.*but I haven't deleted it previously if you are REALLY interested!!!..!) cheers
See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com

Low Expectations Man -- A view of life

We're in Depression 2.0 (tm).   This post is dedicated and directed to my dear sister!

Call me Low Expectations man.  I figured out early  in life, that the lower your expectations in life, the less you will be disappointed (and happier you will eventually be).

Example.  My kids.  Dearest Daughter?  Low expectations during high school?  Great outcomes and makes me very proud today.

My view of America's support of Israel?  Lukewarm at best for the past 7 presidents.  My opinion?  Presidents have way more important things to worry about then Israel.  Take one of the presidents of the last century I feel is one of the OUTSTANDING of our presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

He actually VETOED suggestions by his top aides to bomb the German railroad lines during the second war (Note, NOT the GREAT second WAR, but WWII) , despite being shown proof of the jews being brought to the Death camps.

However, (he died before Israel was approved by the UN), his successor Harry Truman, supported Israel immediately.

Thus my feelings of why the USA does the bare minimum it ever can when it comes to supporting Israel.

Thus also my supreme rejection of Jewish voters who claim to now support ABO (anyone but Obama) because of his lack of support of Israel.

We're in a state of CLASS Warfare, as declared by the the republicans THEMSELVES.
For ANYONE who has ever thought that we need SOCIAL programs like:

  • A fair Living WAGE
  • FAIR taxes paid by ALL Americans (and AMERICAN Companies)
  • MORE regulation of the FINANCIAL markets  (the Glass-Steagal act did WONDERS until it's repeal in the early 1990's)

[think of the UNREGULATED messes of 1929 (Depression 1.0) and 2008 (Start of Depression 2.0)]

 At any rate, that is why I feel that:

  • President Obama, despite his lack-luster support of Israel (but just about average for the past 7-10 presidents) Needs our support.
  • The current state of  Class Warfare, as declared and currently practiced  by the republican party (lower case!)n , is a BATTLE-CRY for the folks who think that WALL street and CORPORATIONS are WAY WAY WAY out of control.
  • We need a HUGE spending program to get our economy back out of the sh_t-hole that it's currently in,
  • We need a MINIMUM Millionaire tax (based on the GROSS income, including Dividends and Interest) to equal out our playing field in this country.

It's the TWO state solution-- with the 1948 borders...DOY

The ONLY real peace in the mideast is simple.

When ALL of the arab countries accept the 1948 two state solution to the BRITISH PALESTINE problem (similar to their stupid assed partition of INDIA and Pakistan)

THEN we will all have peace.

Check out this blog.

I have previously (too lazy to look and quote myself, feel free to comment to it..)
mentioned that the problems are

1) ALL arab countries declared war on the newly created state in 1948.
2) The local religious leaders (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) told all the Arab residents to LEAVE, so we can wipe out all the Jews, and you can come back in a few days .  (THIS by the way is the CAUSE of the 60 years of REFUGEE camps in ALL the arab countries (JORDAN/Lebanon/Syria and Egypt)...  (none of which EVER gave ANY of those refugees CITIZENSHIP in their countries, despite being born there...

3) The fact that the 1948 borders include HALF of the state of Jordan.   THAT is a REAL show-stopper. OR is it?
4) The state of Jerusalem as an international city.  I accept this.  I just don't accept the United Nations OR Jordan as administering it.   THE UN vacated the borders in 1956, and Jordan really didnt do a good job of administering it FAIRLY during the 19 years they controlled EAST Jerusalem.

SO it's total bullshit for the Palestinians to try and declare a state at the UN.

and (Low expectations man that I am)  I really don't hold much faith in the United States' support of Israel.  However, President Obama has done the absolute minimum to support Israel, by saying that he will veto this attempt at the UN security council for statehood.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama/Buffett tax: Close but NO CIGAR! THE GE tax!!!

Dear President  Obama.  It's not the Warren Buffett's we need to fix. 

We need to refine this, and relabel this the GE tax.

Very simply, as I have said for many years...

Make over a million dollars?   Your new tax will be calculated as a minimum of one percent of your GROSS income, including ALL capital gains, dividends, etc.

NO reductions for ANYThING at all.

Think of it as the new millionaire's minimum tax (MMT),,,

Arguh (talk like a pirate day...)

Argh, ye mateys.... No pay taxes in US? Walk the plank!!!!!

Arguh--Me mateys.. Talk like a pirate Day 2008...2011

Ahoy Me Mateys.

Look HERE... and here and especially HEREIt's international "Talk like a pirate" day today... crimeney jickets...

The 3rd link will bring you to a classic Dave Barry column discussing this special fall classic holiday.

It's hotter then Columbus Day.
Wetter then a forest fire.
Cooler then an Eskimo.

Talk like a pirate Today!!!

and of course, no blog entry for ITLAPD would be complete without the exhaustive WIKI site.

Cheers. oops I mean.. Avast, and lots of RUM for ye and Ye friends today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Civility and Congress

I was chatting with my sister today (unbelievably, a Republican--take THAT sis..), and it came up that she really was a "don't bother me, I won't listen to ya, I am a ""BIRTH-er" republican....

ALL I can say to this is that the Cause OF THE DISEASE  we currently have in congress is NOT the fault of the democrats.

We are suffering from a TOTAL lack of civility.  It started with the Republicans.  They are the ones who claim the Legally elected President of the United States isn't a citizen.  They are the ones who say, "We will do EVERYTHING we can do in Congress to defeat him".

This lack of civility is the cause of the decay of our civilization.  Once upon a time, members of congress worked 4 days a week instead of just THREE days per week.  In those long ago days, members would actually live in Washington, and FRATERNIZE with the enemy (the other party).

It was not unknown for two congresspeople of different parties to ACTUALLY be FRIENDS, and understand the point of view of the other.  This is now gone, replaced by a congress where they work less hours per week, and actually fly home (costing us the taxpayer much more) every weekend.

I bring this up, only because my other (democratic) sister refused to listen to my starting this political discussion, and when she left, pubby and I started to talk (calmly, I thought), until she said she was STILL a birth-er, despite the release of his birth certificate.

I tried to explain to her that this was an extremely offensive remark to me, and that civility was the problem that we have in congress, as well as in our family.

I told her I would NOT make disparaging remarks about the last president, (and Secretary of Defense), if she would not defame my president.  I also asked her if she knew her remark was actually treasonous.  I stand corrected, according to dictionary.com I am thinking of sedition, defined as:
Sedition is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense.
I will however state that I believe that the beliefs of those who claim to be Tea-Party members are NOT as honest as they claim, and that they all have hidden, as well as confused agendas.

(Confused agendas?:  
  • Ask 10 tea-party members if they support budget cuts.  
    • Then ask them if they support cutting Social Security or Medicare.. 
    • Then ask them if they think the two biggest expenditures (besides the military) of the federal government should just be left alone, without cuts.
    • Then ask them if they support cutting federal school lunch programs.
    • Ask them if they know that their candidates support trashing these programs. (example: Rick Perry claims Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme (like Bernie Maidoff).
I believe that the "average" rank and file tea party member is NOT aware of the distinctions I have made, and that if they knew the effects they would NOT support such drastic budget cuts.

I will close this post by saying that we all need to become more Civil between parties and people.  I will start by personally not calling the Tea-Party, the "Tea-Baggers Party" anymore (especially since I was told by my son that "tea-bagging" is not EVER discussed in mixed OR polite company).

Friday, September 09, 2011

Moving Forward: The President's Rebuilding Speech

(Sorry:  This was released earlier in error --I Bad!)

Hey.  I'm still underwhelmed.   I say we need a "NEW-DEAL", like the Works Projects Administration during the New Deal.

We need several TRILLION Dollars in Rebuilding.  We need A FULL Job training program where we can offer MORE then just summer jobs.

We need to FIRST agree to spend money to get OUT of this mess.  Only THEN can we do deficit reductions.

Please.  WE need a LEADER.  Not a negotiator.  NOT someone who claims to want to COMPROMISE with the "ENEMY" party (the Republicans).

We currently need to sell this plan to the ENTIRE country.   And make sure that the people in congress understand that WE WILL ALL hold them accountable, and we are WATCHING them.

With regard to fair taxes, I have proposed an Minimum Millionaire's Tax (MMT), which is simple.
if you income is over 5 million dollars, you will now pay a MINIMUM tax of 1% of your GROSS income.  No exclusions, no net, but on GROSS income and dividends.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Count-down: 24 Days to Government Shutdown (Redux)

Hey.  It's NEVER too early to shout out to to our congress that they need to start to REALLY work.

Our country's fiscal year is over on September 30th.  What are the chances this "DO NOTHING except defeat the incumbent president"  (to  quote the GOP senate Minority Leader)  Congress will actually consider a budget before September 25th??? Zero to Null percentage of that happening.

TWICE this year (the spring budget problem), and the Summer Debt ceiling crisis the American people were HIJACKED by the Republican party and the so called "Tea Party" patriots.

NOT AGAIN.   It's time for us to remind OUR CONGRESS we want ACTION NOW, and forget about the bull-sh*t of not approving the budget until we make more cuts in the deficit.

I KEEP saying (and SCREAMING...), saying it's THE JOBS stupid.  NOT the deficit.

And WNYC/Brian Lehrer:
It's time to get out AHEAD of the media for a change on this issue...
Why dont you have a daily "Days to budget" countdown every day!??

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Shout-out/shameout... netflix

As you sow so shall you reap.

"According to their way I will do to them, and according to
       their own judgments I will judge them; and they shall know
       that I am the LORD." (Ezekiel 7:27b)
Well.  (to quote the church lady from Saturday Night Live)... Isn't this nice?
NETFLIX raises prices, and screws it's subscribers with an unjustified and unconscionable 
rate hike  
And Thursday Night the Starz TV network just Screwed Netflix, by saying "Sayanora Netflix"
Come January 2012.
Well I for one, think this is the just deserts for Netflix.
I have been a member since the pre-streaming days.  I just gave up my CD/mailbox version
and will now be ready to also destroy my streaming membership on 12/31.
Netflix has hit the "microsoft" syndrome of the late 1980's and early 1990's.  NOT listening
to it's customers and doing what IT wanted, ignoring the market.
and if Netflix really really wanted to listen to its customers,
here are a few things they could have done to keep down costs:
1) limit streaming to 3 devices at once.
2) limit streaming to the SAME geographic area (via IP analysis.)
3) implement a 'grandfathered' membership.  those with previously existing accounts would 
not be charged the rate increase.
4) Be willing to negotiate in good faith with suppliers.
As it is, I predict that Netflix will no longer be a viable company as of the beginning of 
next year

Saturday, September 03, 2011

shame-out... Why the heck am I screaming? Hello ???

It's another Shame out.  Over 5 years ago, I realized the following:
1)  We were heading into a GREAT recessions (I call it depression 2.0)
2)  Our Economy was devastated,
3)  Our school system was shot.
4)  Our tax (income tax) system is unfair.
5)  The wealth in this country is not fairly distributed
6)  We Are NOT in a fairly distributed society (unequal education).
7) The  Infrastructure in this country is shot.
What did I say we need?  
A serious look at the conditions show us that our conditions today are EXACTLY the same as just after the "Great Depression" (Depression 1.0).
How did Herbert Hoover deal with the "great crash of 1929?"  HE CUT THE DEFICIT, and made the problem MUCH MUCH worse.
What does the Tea-Baggers party (I refuse to call them the tea-party..., sorry!) want? 
TO CUT the deficit, just like HERBERT HOOVER did.
What do we REALLY NEED>?
* A works project Administration
* A new LIVING wage, as well as a renamed 'minimum wage' (to be called a TRAINING wage)
* REALLY tax the wealthy.  NO more claiming millions in income, and ZERO paid in taxes (a la G.E., and many other billionaires)..
* Fair Training,
* SINGLE PAYER GOVERNMENT Provided Universal Health Care for all (phased in over 20 years, starting with our current private system, and then gettin g to 5 or 6 nationwide provider networks.
* Educational REFORM... starting with a privately run government paid day care starting at six months ... (Think Geofery Canada in NYC)

Monday, August 15, 2011

shame-out: 'Pubs say "NO level of taxes is good"

SO  the republicans claim that there is NO number that would be acceptable as a balance.

IE: they were asked if a three to one (three dollar reduction in spending to a one dollar tax increase) would be acceptable they all said "NO".

Follow ups said that not even a 10 to one balance was acceptable.

PS:  It's time for the republicans to understand that it's the ECONOMY, STUPID, and
that the 8 months that they have OBSTRUCTED  congress and held up the budget, and the debt ceiling have NOT helped, but HURT our economy...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shame-Out:: (FOURTH Time) It's the ECONOMY (jobs), (you) stupid congressmen...

OK.... I really can't believe that the TEA-Party  is about to ambush the American Country.

I think that the first step is that Congress should pass a law stating that

* Any time there is a potential to stop the government via budget problems (or debt ceiling talks);  The first agencies that will NOT be paid will be the Legislative branch of government.

ie:  If there is a reduction in the debt ceiling -- congress would not get paid...

Now for serious stuff:

  • If the Republicians do not give up the concept of 'no new taxes', I predict the following reactions:
      1. The cost of borrowing will go up.
        • For the Federal Government
        • For State Government
        • For local cities, and government agencies (MTA/Thruway authority, etc)
        • For Every single Citizen in the country
      2. The stock market will crash.  I predict an eventual return to 6,000 Dow jones again.  The problems this will engender are:
        • It will be a gradual drop, because the exchanges have put 'built-in' market limits into effect, so it might not drop 1,500 points in one day, but maybe a series of days.
        • All corporate spending will stop.  Totally.  
          • NO new employment
          • There will be a huge drop in R&D (Research and Development), as companies will absolutely be in ca$h saving mode.
          • Government as well as corporate bonds will be worthless and trading in them may easily be stopped.
      3. The unemployment rate is going to ZOOM upward.
        • Currently unemployed people will continue to collect unemployment
        • Companies will Not hire or put out new jobs to fill
        • States and Cities will have bigger and bigger budget deficits and will start to lay off local workers.
      4. We will OFFICIALLY enter a DEPRESSION 2.0.  Since before 2008, I've been saying we're  currently IN a recession, and that we only saw 25% of the iceberg in 2008
        •  THIS IS the FIRST part of that 75% we haven't seen before.

I really think this is disgusting, and that EVERY citizen needs to call their congressman, and tell them
that if they WONT vote for a COMPROMISE with the senate, that they will NOT vote for them in 2012.

We need to stop this massive show of partisanship.  It turns out that the lack of fraternization between congressmen of different parties has caused this.

We need to stop this.  We need to take every single Tea-Bagger, and send them into early retirement in 2012.

Update: 8/8/11
The stock Market crashed over 600 points today (monday).
I say this is ONLY the start, and unless we take 
Grover Norquist out and shoot him (just kidding!) nothing will change, and my previous prediction (dow around 5k-6K) will come to pass.

A Nightmare in the White House (SNL-Version)

Hey. "little" Ron Howard (Opie from the Andy Griffin show) (who gave up acting for directing YEARS and years ago!)

just directed a FANtastic fan-fiction type SNL (saturday night live?!) skit featuring a whole bunch of FORMER presidents (or former SNL actors who portrayed Presidents)

Ron Howard gathered an all star (or former-SNL-star) cast of :

*One non SNL-er (you may know him...) Jim Carrey, portrayed Ronald Reagan (Phil Hartman who did him on SNL, died in 1998)

* Will Ferrell reprises his President George W. Bush (43)
* Darrell Hammond plays President Bill Clinton
* Dana Carvey returns as President George H.W. Bush (41)
* Dan Aykroyd plays President Jimmy Carter
* Chevy Chase returns as President Gerald Ford.

It's a homage to

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shenanigans (redux)

It almost seems we have an identical  repeat  of the January

federal budget debate. I think it's time to just go and tell them they will all be voted out next year. And it's time to remind. ' Republicans that they need to Work with the other party

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Peace Now: 1948 Borders.

 Yes, we want Peace.  Peace is NOT the absence of hostility.
Peace is a process where BOTH parties wish to embrace each other, and do not fear the other party.

A good start to REAL peace is NOT  the 1967 borders.  The real answer to peace is the FIRST  two state solution proposed by the UN in 1947/1948.

It will require much thought on both sides.

First:  The "west bank" and "east Jerusalem" were partially annexed in 1967 by Israel.

They based this on several precedents, especially that of (then) Trans-Jordan which annexed the land intended for the 1948 Palestinian state.

So. Let's start out resolving a few issues.
1) Two state solution.  Agreed.
2) Land mass.   Perhaps if Jordan gives up the land IT took, Israel might give up some additional land.

3) Jerusalem: An International City.  Fine.  Jordan's 19 years of custodian-ship of Jerusalem shows that not one Jew was allowed into Jewish religious locations during that time.  In the almost 45 years Israel has administered East Jerusalem, millions of Muslims and Christians have been allowed to worship freely there.
Point?  Israel will administer the international city.

4) Right of Return:
I'm Jewish.  Therefore I answer a question with a question.  Why is it that in 1948 there were ALL of these refugees?  Because the Muslim leaders told their populations to leave, and "let us push the Jews into the sea", and then you can come back.

Whoops.  We bad.  Now you are homeless.  Instead of offering you citizenship in Lebanon/Syria/Jordan and Egypt, we will make you third class citizens, and call you Refugees, and NOT make you legal citizens of our countries.

Let's see if some reparations can be made by the Arab countries who refused to give their brothers citizenship  for over 60 years.

To summarize:   1947 borders.  territory concessions.  Real peace, and a real future

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fare Thee Well: Kodachrome Fades away into history today

Kodachrome.... Gave you nice bright colors. ...

History has ended for that great stuff.
......Mama, don't take my Kodachrome, away....

and it's epitaph?
  ...A  picture of all the employees standing in front of Dwayne’s wearing shirts with the epitaph: “The best slide and movie film in history is now officially retired. Kodachrome: 1935-2010the Times article.”

OK, you wanted a Political discussion: Here goes. The background I believe that: * We're HEADING into a DEPRESSION. We're (now) IN a depression! * It's going to be as BAD as the last one. * I call this Depression 2.0 * The current failures only bring us 25% into the problem!! * According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%. * We need a new deal. * After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon... * We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills. * Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything. SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society... But.... We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once. If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one! Here's what I came up with: We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society: * Create A Living Wage * Create a National Single payer Healthcare * Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service) * Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months * Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich * Lobbying (Political Reform) * Education * Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs) * Lack of Training/futures * Truth and Reconcilliation Commission * A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shame-Out: Palin says 'Eat your Cookies, Get as FAT as you want...

I just love Sarah Palin. Just not as a Vice President, or heaven forbid, President.

She has Moxie. And Guts... And an amazing lack of common sense.
In her great reality TV show, the former governor of Alaska (who you recall decided to quit before her term was over) was...
[Palin is] searching for the different products that make-up the “s’more,” that much beloved great American treat.

She mutters, “Where are the s'mores ingredients? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert."

ABC News's 'The Note' explains that, 
Palin has been highly critical of Michelle Obama’s campaign to combat childhood obesity.   She brought cookies to a Pennsylvania High School to argue that what kids eat should be a parent’s choice, not the governments.

Well. We {should all } know from watching her bastard grandchild (technically a bastard is the outcome of two non-married people!), that she isn't a role model that conservative America should REALLY follow.

But does that stop her? Not at all.

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ OK, you wanted a Political discussion: Here goes. The background I believe that: * We're HEADING into a DEPRESSION. We're (now) IN a depression! * It's going to be as BAD as the last one. * I call this Depression 2.0 * The current failures only bring us 25% into the problem!! * According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%. * We need a new deal. * After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon... * We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills. * Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything. SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society... But.... We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once. If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one! Here's what I came up with: We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society: * Create A Living Wage * Create a National Single payer Healthcare * Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service) * Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months * Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich * Lobbying (Political Reform) * Education * Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs) * Lack of Training/futures * Truth and Reconcilliation Commission * A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Back to Posting: new year: new political candidate Palin

I'm back.  I never really went anywhere.
  Let's see:

ObamaCare check
Don't AskDon't Tell repeal? Check
Robert Reich agrees with my proposals to save the country? check

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ OK, you wanted a Political discussion: Here goes. The background I believe that: * We're HEADING into a DEPRESSION. We're (now) IN a depression! * It's going to be as BAD as the last one. * I call this Depression 2.0 * The current failures only bring us 25% into the problem!! * According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%. * We need a new deal. * After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon... * We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills. * Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything. SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society... But.... We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once. If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one! Here's what I came up with: We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society: * Create A Living Wage * Create a National Single payer Healthcare * Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service) * Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months * Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich * Lobbying (Political Reform) * Education * Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs) * Lack of Training/futures * Truth and Reconcilliation Commission * A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details.