Friday, September 23, 2011

Shout-0ut : Good job HP.. Hello Meg, and Good Luck

Well.  Isn't this special?

HP's (now former) CEO  is out.   Less then one month after blind-siding the Board of directors of HP, (when the (now fired CEO) announced the dismemberment  of the entire company by selling the PC division, and junking the former PALM OS (now WEB-OS HW and SW) unit, and creating a FIRE-Sale situation for all them $400 tablets at $100, he is GONE.

Replacing him is Ms. (I can't be a Governor, I'm too business-like to win), Meg Whitman.


Oh yeah.

If it were me (I should be so lucky one day...)

a) I would create a new fully owned corporation called Palmcorp.

I would take web-os, license it, and all of the hardware (think phones and touchpad) back to palmcorp

And then I would AGGRESSIVE recruit, and restart the development, and raise the price on tablets from $100 and $150 to $199 and $250 (one hundred dollar price increase) for the NEXT generation (to be
released first quarter next year.
and just chalk off the loss to market generation.

But... I just am a forward thinking, cyber-geek.

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