Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shame OUT: House : Government Shutdown in 8 days

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Hey. I've said it BEFORE...  We're about to go into YET ANOTHER Republican ENGINEERED Government shut-down alert.

THIS IS THE THIRD time this year.

AND I REPEAT.   ANYONE who thinks that our current political situation is SANE, is actually insane (that's called a Catch-22--Heh Heh)

We Are in a case of class warfare, and I am ready for the Republicans to be SLAUGHTERED in 2012.
We need (despite my qualms about the President), to RELECT him, and SWEEP in FILIBUSTER proof majorities in the HOUSE and Senate.

Then we need to:
* ENACT NEW financial reforms.
* Tax the wealthy that do NOT CURRENTLY pay ANY US taxes.
* Enact a REAL JOBS program, similar to the Works Project Administration.

9  8 7 days and counting. AND if we're lucky, the PRESIDENT will NOT bow down to the demands of the Tea-Party and Republican idiots. (I promised not to use the choice phrase I previously did because I was told it is a REALLY BAD bad phrase.*but I haven't deleted it previously if you are REALLY interested!!!..!) cheers
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