Thursday, September 22, 2011

Low Expectations Man -- A view of life

We're in Depression 2.0 (tm).   This post is dedicated and directed to my dear sister!

Call me Low Expectations man.  I figured out early  in life, that the lower your expectations in life, the less you will be disappointed (and happier you will eventually be).

Example.  My kids.  Dearest Daughter?  Low expectations during high school?  Great outcomes and makes me very proud today.

My view of America's support of Israel?  Lukewarm at best for the past 7 presidents.  My opinion?  Presidents have way more important things to worry about then Israel.  Take one of the presidents of the last century I feel is one of the OUTSTANDING of our presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

He actually VETOED suggestions by his top aides to bomb the German railroad lines during the second war (Note, NOT the GREAT second WAR, but WWII) , despite being shown proof of the jews being brought to the Death camps.

However, (he died before Israel was approved by the UN), his successor Harry Truman, supported Israel immediately.

Thus my feelings of why the USA does the bare minimum it ever can when it comes to supporting Israel.

Thus also my supreme rejection of Jewish voters who claim to now support ABO (anyone but Obama) because of his lack of support of Israel.

We're in a state of CLASS Warfare, as declared by the the republicans THEMSELVES.
For ANYONE who has ever thought that we need SOCIAL programs like:

  • A fair Living WAGE
  • FAIR taxes paid by ALL Americans (and AMERICAN Companies)
  • MORE regulation of the FINANCIAL markets  (the Glass-Steagal act did WONDERS until it's repeal in the early 1990's)

[think of the UNREGULATED messes of 1929 (Depression 1.0) and 2008 (Start of Depression 2.0)]

 At any rate, that is why I feel that:

  • President Obama, despite his lack-luster support of Israel (but just about average for the past 7-10 presidents) Needs our support.
  • The current state of  Class Warfare, as declared and currently practiced  by the republican party (lower case!)n , is a BATTLE-CRY for the folks who think that WALL street and CORPORATIONS are WAY WAY WAY out of control.
  • We need a HUGE spending program to get our economy back out of the sh_t-hole that it's currently in,
  • We need a MINIMUM Millionaire tax (based on the GROSS income, including Dividends and Interest) to equal out our playing field in this country.

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