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TecH: GoogleNet, GoogleTV, GooglePC = Google (Will) own EVERYTHING

Further update: 07-09-09: added android, Google-OS: see ###
(Updated 4-09) to update some stuff.. (see ***)

Wow a Technical Post. And a FORWARD looking Tech post at that!

Interesting note: Google has started buying and working on
getting its own network up

First: I have to credit my sources: Bob Cringely, former InfoWorld "gossip" page columnist and now innovative geek for PBS his bully Pulpit (see link)

Lets back up, and NOT start at the end.

Step one: Google back end (Google Data Center)

First Bob tells us that Google has developed a DataCenter-in-a-ShippingContainer(tm)
This is a 8ft wideX40foot longX8foot (8'X8'X40)Tractor trailer STUFFED with CPU's running linux.

*** This was sold or given to SUN, which now sells this commercially ***

OK. Now we have the Processing power Back end.
Next: Connect it:
Dark Fiber:
Dark fiber refers to fiber that has never been activated. This comes from the dot.com telcom boom in the mid 1990's, when MCI claimed they were making billions of dollars, but were lying through their teeth. At any rate, when a company installed fiber, they usually laid a (several) fiber cables, each with 18-50 strands of fiber in each cable), usually they were laid 3 cables, and perhaps ONE strand of fiber in each cable was activated for permanent service.
The other ends were terminated, tested, and then left dark (no data on it.)

So to review:
Google Data Center in a truck
Next, Google takes the truck, and brings one to NYC,SF,LA (and lots of other local places), and connects to the dark fiber in the TELCO Central Offices.

Thus: Google now has a Nationwide network of its own fiber, and servers CLOSE to the customers.

Next: We look at the application..., or should we do the client next?
OK: Application, then client!

Step 3:
Next Bob looks at an application
A Commercial Runs Through It
Here Cringely is at his best. He shows us how Google may wind up PERSONALIZING our TV commercials (and INTERACTiNG/transmitting both LOCAL and national commercials out of this data network! Wow!

Step 4: Customer buy-in.
This is explained by Bob HERE Before you jump read this... I feel that this "customer box, or "Google PC" will do the following:

    I think that the "GOOGLE PC" will:
  1. connect into your Phone line RJ11/RJ12 jack
  2. Connect into your analog or Digital (HD) TV
  3. Connect into your Existing or will create a new LAN in your house
  4. Require a small ??$50-$75?? customer purchase/buy-in
  5. offer VOIP as a side business
  6. offer commercials PERSONALIZED to YOUR household on your TV both local and national

AND I think this becomes an opportunity to carry ALL of its traffic on its OWN network for MOST of the trip. Therefore, faster service guarantees, etc.

ADD this to the new
G-BUY Initiative that Greg Linden mentions, and you have a very viable version of WEB 2.0, which MOSTLY bypasses the public internet!

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PS: ### (added 7-8-9)

Add to this Android: Google's Phone operating System, which (I feel) served as a test device for
their BRAND new announcment of a GOOGLE-Chrome OS (operating System)

It's been rumored for at least 2-3 months that several net-books will ship with Android as it's OS.
Now Google has officially made it clear. CHROME-OS (or whatever)

Will allow Google to use customers as a "BUY-in" or "opt-in" for other optional services, such as:

* Google served ads to your TV/Cable (served from your local telco Server in a truck (see above)
(This will also use Google's Dark Fiber purchases all over the country...)
*Google inserted (customized ads) to everything on your cable AND internet. (you did sign in, by putting GoogleOS on your PC, right??

and other such stuff (not even talking about the phone ad discussion.


Anonymous said...

Oh, right, forgot, this is the blogosphere.

Markbnj said...

Oh Excuse me.

We'll see how much of this comes true.

If net neutrality fails, won't it be NICE that google has their own Dark fiber (and all of a sudden Google-NET) nationwide net, with data centers in ALL the RBOCs?

Sounds more and more plausible to me...

I've gotta stop taking anonymous comments...

Markbnj said...

interesting, ONE year later, SUN has introduced the Data center in a box COMMERCIAL version, as given/worked on by SUN.

There is now a reported G-Phone
I think this is a lot more realistic then people think!