Tuesday, February 07, 2006

TecH: Google (WILL) Own EVERYTHING (in a nutshell)

OK. This is a brief summary of my very long post on GOOGLE (which follows this one).

    Google has been buying or making the FOLLOWING tools/items
  • A data center trailer STUFFED with CPU's and tons of processing power.
  • Purchasing TONS of Dark Fiber
  • Developing a Personalized TV commercial Server
  • A Google PC
  • A cheaper Google Interface box

What this means is GOOGLE will soon rule us all!
Most of this comes from my favorite Tech columnist, Bob Cringley.

All that I've really done is put together about 5-7 different data sources and figured out some of the FUTURE plans for google.

Note that The real application here is:
a) Personalized TV commercials, served to a specific household by GOOGLE,

which would be generated from a LOCAL (at the LOCAL POP) Google Data Center

which would inject the video (from the local Google servers) into the video stream of the cable user's TV stream.

This is amazing technology, and is really amazing. And maybe only 5 years out in the future....

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