Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tech: Google-owns the world (Revised) a year later

So tell me, why is my favorite (all time) technology prognosticator STILL saying that Google is getting ready to OWN the world again?

In an article a few weeks ago, bob discusses the VOLUME of fiber that Google now controls essentially means they win the fight before its started!

Remember my distillation of Bob's columns last year:

  • Google's Data center in a tractor trailer (now avail commercially from Sun)
  • Google's Dark FIBER
  • Google's Video ads
Or in other words,
  1. A Way to transmit the data (dark fiber)
  2. Someplace locally to transmit the data to (your local C.O.)
  3. Buy in from YOU (The google PC) giving them permission to customize your commercials
  4. An application: serving PERSONALIZED tv commercials for your cable company.

OR Just look HERE, at a Post I wrote almost ONE year ago about GOOGLE-WORLD.

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