Thursday, February 01, 2007



So I Haven't written much.

Well I think this is my ONE YEAR anniversary of my blog.

Yea Me.

1) Bush.

I told y'all exactly a year ago HERE, he was an A**HOLE. Now most of the country agrees.

2) War.
I told y'all what I think we need:
  1. UN-Privatize the US ARMY. GET rid of the contractors, all the MERCANERIES
  2. Increase the FORCE in Iraq from 150,000 (or 300,00 with all the contractors) to 500,000 to make sure we have the right number of troops.
  3. GET RID of Dick (what a butt-face) Cheney as Secretary of Defense.
  4. Get rid of BUSH and Cheney. (we need PRESIDENT Pelosi!)

SO what do we have?

  • A Democratic Congress (barely)
  • Congressional supervision of the war (and the Attorney General!)
  • A bi-partisan report on IRAQ that is being ignored
  • A congress that WILL NOT step up to its responsibility of STOPPING all funding for the war.
  • A President that will do ANYTHING to distract the country from his WAR, and his Poor Legacy.

Before BUSH is out of office, so that he cannot claim that HE started the war, and would have won it, but his SUCCESSOR withdrew, and THUS change the HISTORY of his presidency.

This is the MOST important concept to follow.
He will stake EVERYTHING on making it impossible to withdraw, now that he has set it up for a 20 year war. (See previous post...)

The more things Change, the less they change.

Answer? We're EXACTLY where we were last year, except 1 less year of BUSH, and DEMOCRATIC control of CONGRESS...

Sigh. SIGH

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it's the little things said...

Perhaps I'm incredibly naive, but my question in matters of politics is how much power does any one president really have? Aren't they surrounded by a caudron of advisors, writings, decision-makers and power checkers?

And, I live in a 'military city' and therefore know people that know 'higher ups'. The word is that there is much more to Iraq than meets the eye. And the public is being led to believe one thing to deflect them from seeing another scarier thing.

Or, of course, it could really just all be about oil.

Just sayin'.