Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the TWO state solution-- with the 1948 borders...DOY

The ONLY real peace in the mideast is simple.

When ALL of the arab countries accept the 1948 two state solution to the BRITISH PALESTINE problem (similar to their stupid assed partition of INDIA and Pakistan)

THEN we will all have peace.

Check out this blog.

I have previously (too lazy to look and quote myself, feel free to comment to it..)
mentioned that the problems are

1) ALL arab countries declared war on the newly created state in 1948.
2) The local religious leaders (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) told all the Arab residents to LEAVE, so we can wipe out all the Jews, and you can come back in a few days .  (THIS by the way is the CAUSE of the 60 years of REFUGEE camps in ALL the arab countries (JORDAN/Lebanon/Syria and Egypt)...  (none of which EVER gave ANY of those refugees CITIZENSHIP in their countries, despite being born there...

3) The fact that the 1948 borders include HALF of the state of Jordan.   THAT is a REAL show-stopper. OR is it?
4) The state of Jerusalem as an international city.  I accept this.  I just don't accept the United Nations OR Jordan as administering it.   THE UN vacated the borders in 1956, and Jordan really didnt do a good job of administering it FAIRLY during the 19 years they controlled EAST Jerusalem.

SO it's total bullshit for the Palestinians to try and declare a state at the UN.

and (Low expectations man that I am)  I really don't hold much faith in the United States' support of Israel.  However, President Obama has done the absolute minimum to support Israel, by saying that he will veto this attempt at the UN security council for statehood.