Friday, June 16, 2017

It's the GUNS, STUPID!

Dateline: a few days after the shooting at the republican baseball game practice in Virginia.
Background:   "deranged" Democrat shoots 'publican lawmakers.
REAL issues:
  1. It's POLITICS Stupid!
  2. It's the GUNS, Stupid!
  3. It's a lack of respect and cooperation, Stupid.
  4. It's the ALT-Right, Stupid.

1)  Politics.   After the 1994 Republican's "Contract with America" a war was declared by the republicans against everything traditional Democrats believed in.  One of the key results was (see attached retribution:
He described the election of 1994 as an "epic slaughter of the majority party in Congress" that "changed American politics for the foreseeable future," and that "(a)fter 60 years of Democratic dominance in American politics, the two parties were on a par." He concludes that "(t)he main reason was surely the Contract with America..."[13]
2) GUNS.
2a)  It's the fact that (again), the Republicans in Congress REFUSE to support reasonable GUN LAWs.  The Second amendment to the constitution allows citizens to own as many MUSKETS as they want.  It says NOTHING about ownership of MULTIPLE FIRE MACHINE GUNS.

2b)  So WHEN THE HECK will the "GUN Show loophole" be closed?  When MORE stupid congressmen get killed.

3) Respect and cooperation is dead in congress.  Congressmen no longer live in Washington, and no longer get to know the party on the other side of the Aisle.  The three day congressional workweek (commute to Washington on Monday, home on Friday), is the political boondoggle of all time.
At least before this, we paid them for a five day workweek.

It's also time to get rid of the two month summer vacation.

4) It's the ALT-RIGHT. 
Formerly known as the KKK, The Nazi Party, etc.,  or now the contract with the RACIST whites who refuse to quietly realize that the country has changed.
This is the most dangerous reason for this week's shooting.   These newly empowered racists are a threat to EVERYONE in this country.

IT's the GUNS stupid.  Instituting a mandatory background check for every gun sale, everywhere will help reduce our daily shooting violence in this country!

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