Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Mideast Peace -- it's possible..

Believe it or not, it IS  possible.
However, you cannot look back to the borders of 50 years ago to solve this problem.

First of all, the 1967 borders are not perfect, not permanent.

In order to serve, and obtain peace, we need to look at what happened in 1947, when the British mandate ruling over Palestine was dissolved.

The Brand new U.N. declared two a would be created from that land.

Bingo, it's a start. The Jews accepted, and called the land is historic name, Israel.

The Arab/Palestinians living there said, "no way",I want my land AND that land, and thus 13 Arab nations attacked Israel all at once.

Let's stop with the ears and go back to the UN deal of 1947.

That deal isn't perfect, but it's borders are in someway better then the B.S. borders of 1967.

Oh yeah.  Here's the reasons both sides won't be interested.

1) the Israelis won't like the fact that the UN plan calls for Jerusalem to be an open city.

1a) given the fact that Jordan controlled the old city of Jerusalem for 19 years until 1967 and not one new was ever allowed inside, Israel had a much better record over the past 50 years of granting access to all religions, and making the city open.

2) the Arabs, especially Jordan, won't like the fact that almost one half of the land allocated to the Palestinian state is in Jordan, on the OTHER side of the Jordan River.
2a) if we also go back another 30 years we see there was never a state of Jordan before then.
2b) if you look at the reaction of all of the Arab countries to the Palestinian refugees at the campus on their soil, not ONE of them offered citizenship to any of the refugees, and they were never allowed to leave their camps.
2b1) had they been given citizenship, a great deal of the problems of the camps world not have occurred.

Simple solution, complex problems.
Won't ever happen. Sigh.

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