Friday, May 19, 2017

The war of Northern Aggression?! (aka the Civil War)

Ok guys. I admit it.   I grew up in the North.
However, having spent my fair amount of time down here (south), I still hear way too much about :

  • The North.  How we destroyed everything Good.
  • Slaves.
  • Bigotry.
  • Why the Confederate flag is NOT racist.
  • Why poverty and drugs are a Black thing.
  • Why Jefferson Davis deserves to be honored

Ok.  (Lecture mode on!)

Since the massacre of 7 blacks during a Bible study in South Carolina two years ago, it really can't be said that the Confederate flag is anything except a symbol of racial hated, or perhaps a desire for a comeback of white supremacy again.

It's time for ALL Southerners to:

  • Repudiate the Confederate flag as a symbol of history.
    • Admit that the flag is NOW  symbol of HATE
  • Stop trying to deny the North won that war.
  • Stop trying to pretend that racism isn't a huge problem in this country.
  • Understand that white privilege isn't a birth-right.

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