Sunday, May 21, 2017

The summer of '74 -- instant 'replay--replay-replay--replay'

$pecial update...
6-8-17. 10am

The first of the TRUMP-GATE hearings.
James (FBI) Comey's TESTIMONY.

It's starting!!!!  Just think of 1974.
And John Dean said recently that Trump is out watergate-ing watergate

Pity the poor fool who doesn't learn from history.
I'm very very sorry for that Mr. T reference. .
I didn't even know that he did a TV show with that name that actually lasted SIX episodes ten years ago! (Wikipedia is just what someone with ADHD like me needs !)
... Anyway..., It was was... THE SUMMER OF WATERGATE... and the summer long Watergate hearings of the house intelligence committee.
 (here we go again...) 44 years ago this summer [in Rolling Stone magazine this week I read yesterday discussed the 50th  anniversary remix/2 CD re-release of Sgt. Pepper this summer]
Boy oh Boy, do I remember the 'summer of '74.  I remember spending most of the summer in front of the TV, switching between the 3 networks.
You do remember when we only had THREE (major) TV networks [CBS, NBC, and ABC]?   It was a time less divided, when we switched on the news as 7:00 PM, and listened to Uncle Walter (CBS), Huntley-Brinkley (NBC), and ?? on ABC...
 Well it was in 1972, that Nixon's plumbers (his 'fix-it' crew) botched a break-in at the newly opened watergate hotel and office complex in Washington DC, and broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee.
Some things never change, except that this past year, it wasn't the president's men, but a foreign government's agents that will have brought down the current president.
It wasn't until the next summer that everything started becoming clear.   It wasn't until October 1973 when Nixon had his "Saturday Night Massacre", that everything started rolling downhill.

Today, President Trump is rolling ten times faster then NIXON did.

Trump is to NIXON as a Mustang is to a Yugo
(ohh boy... here comes that SAT word analogy...)
That is... Nixon's obstruction of justice unfolded over two to three years... TRUMP's obstruction of justice is going just as his twitter account goes, at 140 miles per hour.

SO.. SIT DOWN, find a good TV channel (Say, CSPAN), and watch TRUMP destroy himself MUCH faster then NIXON did. 

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