Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shoutout-- A Moving Tribute to our 44th President (Sniff Sniff)


Well It's official.  Donald Trump is now President of the United States.  Heaven Help us all.  I can only pray that our nation will still be in one piece and intact in 3 years and 363 days.

I actually started to cry when I saw the last skit of Saturday Night Live last night.
It was a song.   Sung to a large portrait of our first black President, the song from 1967, "To Sir, With Love", (sung by ...[and I did NOT google this!!!] Lulu (a one hit wonder.)

Too soon for a video of the song to be up, but I might update this.  Spoke to soon... This still sends CHILLS down my spine..

I did want to cry.  For our nation.  For the more then half of the  population who DID  not vote for the current President.  For our Democracy.  For the FBI director who will go directly to hell when he dies, rather then the good place.

Did you Trump voters ACTUALLY think he was  going to DRAIN THE SWAMP? (SNL presents Vladimir Putin)  He's got more billionaires on his cabinet then in all previous administrations combined.

Not to mention the poster boy of the ALT-RIGHT (Can you say NEO-NAZI's?) who is now in the White House.

ALL I can say is, that We've ALL BEEN TRUMPED!
Check back in 4 years, and let me know! 

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