Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SHAME-OUT our 45th President who shall not go named. Takes away liberties and LIES

well. It took less then 10 days for "He who shall not be named" to SCREW up the United States.

Remember.  The person writing this blog has watched Donald Drumph and how he has behaved (word used with great sarcasm here!) for over 45 years as a New York City born and raised boy.  Us NYers have watched his lies for decades and were not fooled by his performance/

TRUMP LIES.  He does not (and has never) spoken anything truthful, except that he loves himself.

This past weekend he issued two executive orders, one on immigration, stoping all access from 7 countries (why was Saudia Arabia, and other muslim countries excluded from the ban?)

Could it be that MR TRUMP has BUSINESS interests in these countries?  WELL we'll  never know, as we never saw his TAX RETURNS.

Conflict of interest, or TREASON?

Remember. Hitler was ELECTED to office in Germany, THEN he became the dictator!

it's time to TAKE ACTION!
email your leglislators.

and remember to call Herr Trump by his rightful name, Das Donald. or Das Dictator

oh, you voted for him and you're still happy?

These first 10 days are only a small taste of what Der Donald and his Alt-right sidekick Gerbels Bannon are up to...

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