Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shame OUT! Retired General Michael Flynn. TRAITOR OR Treason-er?

FOR SHAME, you RED leaning readers.

THE FBI, and all of America's Intelligence Agencies agree that they have evidence that RUSSIA elected "He who shall not be named" as our 45th President.

THIS IS NOT speculation, or a random accusation.  IT IS a proven fact.

 What we now see (on February 14th), is that MICHAEL FLYNN was the KEY to how this happened.

  • Fact:    The disgraced Security Director spoke to the Russian Ambassador BEFORE he was confirmed by the senate, and BEFORE his boss, President "he who shall not be named" was Inagurated as President #45 of our country.
See:  Keith Olbermann: Michael Flynn Should Be Fired -- And Arrested For Treason
See: Conspiring' with Russia the 'very definition of treason
See: Dan Rather Blasts 45's Integrity
 See: Trump campaign in-contact-with-russian-intel??
See: Steven Colbert (not the old fake news one) says, "what a dummy-mike-flynn"
and Finally:  GOP Senator says, "Enough is Enough"

 Open Question:  Did Flynn violate the Logan Act

Another Question.

CAN we Please now start a campaign  to "IMPEACH PENCE"?
*  In my crystal ball mode, (to me, at least it's obvious)
  •  that THE DONALD is now president 
  • He's Proven that he lies.
  • He's proven that a Sociopath can be elected president
  • He's proven my (unfortunately unpublished) prediction that he will last less then 4 months (120 days) as president 
  • That to accomplish this, he used what Scott Adams explained as  "Mass Hypnotism".

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