Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Count-down: 24 Days to Government Shutdown (Redux)

Hey.  It's NEVER too early to shout out to to our congress that they need to start to REALLY work.

Our country's fiscal year is over on September 30th.  What are the chances this "DO NOTHING except defeat the incumbent president"  (to  quote the GOP senate Minority Leader)  Congress will actually consider a budget before September 25th??? Zero to Null percentage of that happening.

TWICE this year (the spring budget problem), and the Summer Debt ceiling crisis the American people were HIJACKED by the Republican party and the so called "Tea Party" patriots.

NOT AGAIN.   It's time for us to remind OUR CONGRESS we want ACTION NOW, and forget about the bull-sh*t of not approving the budget until we make more cuts in the deficit.

I KEEP saying (and SCREAMING...), saying it's THE JOBS stupid.  NOT the deficit.

And WNYC/Brian Lehrer:
It's time to get out AHEAD of the media for a change on this issue...
Why dont you have a daily "Days to budget" countdown every day!??

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