Friday, September 09, 2011

Moving Forward: The President's Rebuilding Speech

(Sorry:  This was released earlier in error --I Bad!)

Hey.  I'm still underwhelmed.   I say we need a "NEW-DEAL", like the Works Projects Administration during the New Deal.

We need several TRILLION Dollars in Rebuilding.  We need A FULL Job training program where we can offer MORE then just summer jobs.

We need to FIRST agree to spend money to get OUT of this mess.  Only THEN can we do deficit reductions.

Please.  WE need a LEADER.  Not a negotiator.  NOT someone who claims to want to COMPROMISE with the "ENEMY" party (the Republicans).

We currently need to sell this plan to the ENTIRE country.   And make sure that the people in congress understand that WE WILL ALL hold them accountable, and we are WATCHING them.

With regard to fair taxes, I have proposed an Minimum Millionaire's Tax (MMT), which is simple.
if you income is over 5 million dollars, you will now pay a MINIMUM tax of 1% of your GROSS income.  No exclusions, no net, but on GROSS income and dividends.

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