Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Nightmare in the White House (SNL-Version)

Hey. "little" Ron Howard (Opie from the Andy Griffin show) (who gave up acting for directing YEARS and years ago!)

just directed a FANtastic fan-fiction type SNL (saturday night live?!) skit featuring a whole bunch of FORMER presidents (or former SNL actors who portrayed Presidents)

Ron Howard gathered an all star (or former-SNL-star) cast of :

*One non SNL-er (you may know him...) Jim Carrey, portrayed Ronald Reagan (Phil Hartman who did him on SNL, died in 1998)

* Will Ferrell reprises his President George W. Bush (43)
* Darrell Hammond plays President Bill Clinton
* Dana Carvey returns as President George H.W. Bush (41)
* Dan Aykroyd plays President Jimmy Carter
* Chevy Chase returns as President Gerald Ford.

It's a homage to

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