Friday, February 19, 2016

Shout-out: Apple iPhone & security a solution

Ok.   Here's an answer to the Apple/U.S. court problem regarding the encryption in iPhones.

Background paragraph:
All current operating systems(apple, Microsoft, linux) ALL have their innards descended  from AT&T's Bell Labs UNIX.
(UNIX  WAS a registered trademark...)

very brief problem explanation: newest version of iPhone's OS will delete all contents of the phone if wrong password is entered 10 times.
U.S. court has ordered Apple to break into THIS SPECIFIC phone.

ANSWER To problem:
1) apple takes phone takes it apart.
2) on bench, a duplicate copy of phone's memory is copied  is moved to New phone.
3) FBI then attempts another 9 password cracks.
Repeat step 2 until fbi gets password.

THIS ALLOWS APPLE TO NOT DECRYPT Phone, FBI  can then get password and makes it one time (one phone) procedure less subject to abuse because (law enforcement, foreign governments, hackers) will need to have and disassemble phone before breaking it!

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