Saturday, September 03, 2011

shame-out... Why the heck am I screaming? Hello ???

It's another Shame out.  Over 5 years ago, I realized the following:
1)  We were heading into a GREAT recessions (I call it depression 2.0)
2)  Our Economy was devastated,
3)  Our school system was shot.
4)  Our tax (income tax) system is unfair.
5)  The wealth in this country is not fairly distributed
6)  We Are NOT in a fairly distributed society (unequal education).
7) The  Infrastructure in this country is shot.
What did I say we need?  
A serious look at the conditions show us that our conditions today are EXACTLY the same as just after the "Great Depression" (Depression 1.0).
How did Herbert Hoover deal with the "great crash of 1929?"  HE CUT THE DEFICIT, and made the problem MUCH MUCH worse.
What does the Tea-Baggers party (I refuse to call them the tea-party..., sorry!) want? 
TO CUT the deficit, just like HERBERT HOOVER did.
What do we REALLY NEED>?
* A works project Administration
* A new LIVING wage, as well as a renamed 'minimum wage' (to be called a TRAINING wage)
* REALLY tax the wealthy.  NO more claiming millions in income, and ZERO paid in taxes (a la G.E., and many other billionaires)..
* Fair Training,
* SINGLE PAYER GOVERNMENT Provided Universal Health Care for all (phased in over 20 years, starting with our current private system, and then gettin g to 5 or 6 nationwide provider networks.
* Educational REFORM... starting with a privately run government paid day care starting at six months ... (Think Geofery Canada in NYC)

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