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Rumsfeld's Rules: His Rules: (Summary of 16 other messages)

This is only a placeholder.

Sorry it took me over 16 months to finish and Update this summary of RUMSFELD's RULES

I only wrote it to discuss the Privatization of the army, and the deficiencies of the CURRENT BUSH administration
(Written/compiled 9/18/07) from stuff I wrote and commented on in APRIL of 2006!

I have written (and COMMENTED ON) ALL of Rumsfeld's RULES from the BUSH one Adminstration.

They are HERE:

Intro (David Brin's Original suggestion to ANALYZE the Rumsfeld's Rules.. (1 of 17)

part 1
: Where he says Dont stay past your usefulness (paraphrased by me) and check with predecessors...

Part 2: Where he says, "LEARN to say, I don't KNOW!

Part 3: Where he says, "leadership is by consent, not command AND Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small (my emphasis!).

Part 4: Where he says, "It is easier to get into something than to get out of it!" and "The WHITE House" wants!

Part 5: Where he says, " 19. Don’t automatically obey Presidential directives if you disagree or if you suspect he hasn’t considered key aspects of the issue.

Part 6: Where he says,
This is SO GOOD.... (couldn't cut...)
20. The price of being close to the President is delivering bad news. You fail him if you don’t tell him the truth. Others won’t do it.

(I said) *** Markbnj says ***
You ain't listening to your OWN rule, Mr. Rumsfeld! Tell him you've failed, and MAKE him accept your resignation and subsequent SUCIDE!

21. You and the White House staff must be and be seen to be above suspicion.
--->>> Set the right example.

*** Markbnj says ***
Go HERE and learn how to CORRECTLY commit Hara-kiri (literally "stomach cutting"). Make sure your entire Staff, and Especially the Vice President understands to perform Hara-kiri CORRECTLY!

22. The role of White House Chief of Staff is that of a “javelin catcher.” *** Markbnj says ***
And the Role of the Secretary of Defense, is that of the person that ORDERS the seppuku or death of the guilty.
Part 7: Where he says, "Have a deputy and develop a successor." Yeah Right!

Part 8: Where he says, "Keep your sense of humor. As General Joe Stillwell said, “The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind.”
*** Markbnj says ***
HA HA HA . This is FUNNY. In this case, we see RUMSFELD's Balls, he's so high...

Part 9 : Where he says, "Be able to resign. It will improve your value to the President and do wonders for your performance!"


" If you are lost – “climb, conserve, and confess.” (U.S. Navy SNJ Flight Manual)"

Part 10: Where he says, "Plan backwards as well as forward. Set objectives and trace backto see how to achieve them." NEED I add a word at ALL?

Part 11: Where he says, " Don’t be a bottleneck"

Part 12: Where he says, "Consultation helps build consensus" (paraphrased) AND
If a <...edit...>Presidential approach can’t be explained clearly <...snip...>
it probably hasn’t been thought through well enough.
If not well understood <...snip...>, it probably won’t “sail” anyway. Send it back for further thought.
Not even TOUCHING this one... it speaks for itself!

Part 13
: Where he says, " Think of dealing with Congress as a “revolving door.” You’ll be back to today’s opponents for their help tomorrow.

Part 14: Where he says, Beware <...snip...>any idea promoted <...snip...>because it is “bold, exciting, innovative, and new.” There are many ideas that are “bold, exciting, innovative and new,” but also foolish."

*** Markbnj says *** SUCH as REDEFINING TORTURE!!!!!???

Part 15: Where he says, "Include others. As the late Senator Pat Moynihan (D-NY) said, “Stubborn opposition to proposals often has no other basis than the complaining question, ‘Why wasn't I consulted?’”

Part 16:
Where he says, " If in doubt, don’t." AND − If still in doubt, do what’s right.

2008 Haiku: Impeach Cheney; Pelosi Pardons ; Democracy Restored-- Pass it on

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