Monday, April 24, 2006

RumsfelD: Rumsfeld's Rules for life, Intro to a Series of 16 snippets of his Rules

I love my Favorite Science Fiction Author (David Brin)
His Blog Today showed a great topic.
That of our Great Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.
His post, suggests that we need to start to PUBLICIZE "Rummy's Rules" more. Therefore, I will be starting a Series of RumSFelD's Rules and Discussion of them, as discussed in the following document...

Please, you go read “Rumsfeld’s Rules”... the well-meaning (or cynically manipulative) list of “wise sayings” published by the Secretary of Defense when he returned to that post in 2001, close to three decades after he reigned over our final humiliation in Vietnam. Please, somebody, hector some better-known blogger than me, so that this link gets wider attention. The Rules should be read at two levels, for their cliched but genuine truth... and for their bitter irony. For one thing, the list makes clear that today’s Donald Rumsfeld has to be the Bizarro-opposite-guy to whoever wrote these rules. Obsessively and perfectly opposite. So much so that I suspect we’re living in an old Star Trek episode! See it all at:

I will be posting and parsing the rules (all 13 pages of them, ONE at a time, with SPACE for comments!

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