Saturday, April 22, 2006

RumSFeD: Rumsfeld support coming in

Shamelessly stolen from Here.
Rumsfeld Support!
Al Qaedea Calls for Donald Rumsfeld to remain in office!
The written statement says
God has given us Rumsfeld and for that we praise Him. Not withstanding the fact that he is a tool of Satan and reviled in Paradise, he's still a Helluva guy. We couldn't have achieved greatness without him. While we actually agree with everything the American generals have said, we in contrast believe that rather than being a condemnation of Mr. Rumsfeld, the son of a vile dog, these statements are in fact the very reason to keep him in place to serve as the unwitting tool of Radical Islam. By the same token, we call upon the Great Satan United States to not impeach George W. Bush. What's wrong with you guys anyway?"

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