Tuesday, September 18, 2007

FDR and the WPA: A new deal for our country:

For some reason I cannot find anything I have previously written on the need to rebuild our country

Hey, I found it HERE and HERE: (on WNYC's discussion About John Dean 35 years after the fact...)

And I was the first caller on the segment with my Haiku:
(In case you're in the NSA and want my voice print as a baseline for the future torture I expect
in Jail when I become a OUTLAW for my DEMOCRATIC (and ANTI-PRESIDENTIAL views...)

{I'm not paranoid, but they're ALL OUT to get me!!!! heh heh!}

Impeach Cheney. Pelosi Pardons. Democracy returns.

If this were to happen (Pelosi becomes President), I predict the following would happen
OR at very least SHOULD happen!

  1. Pelosi would grant George W. BUSH immunity from all US and international Charges (like against a trial by UN of WAR CRIMINAL!)
  2. She would become the UNITY candidate for a four year term of president
  3. She could introduce the following as a RECONSTRUCTION project for our country.
The reconstruction project would touch (and repulse MUCH of today's industry I might add!)
but would cover

  • a) UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE (I like the fact under Hilary's Plan I can choose the government (congressional) plan!!
  • b) UNIVERSAL Day Care from six months on at REASONABLE RATES
  • c) A new, MINIMUM, LIVING (not minimum) wage-- around $15/hr to start!
  • d) Equal Rights Amendment RATIFIED and put into law.
  • e) A mandatory Post HS draft/Public Service.
    • Either three years in Army, with a career and guaranteed college as an option if you re-enlist after three years. or
    • Three years in service to the country. Are you a PC Person? work teaching PC's. Are you a carpenter? Build houses. etc. ALL over the country.
  • f) A Truth and Reconciliation Commission for our country. (What a tragedy that we need it!)
    • This commission would conduct FULLY disclosed hearings, and take testimony just like the ones in South Africa, and would AUTOMATICALLY pardon those who testify. NO TESTIFY??? CHARGE THEM!!!!!
      • FIRST victim... DICK CHENEY (oops.. 1st person to testify!)
  • g) Reconstruct the PRIVATE army.
    • We need to re-make the United States Army. The three year recruits would not be as specialized as today UNLESS they commit for a longer period of time. This would allow the draftees (not a bad word!) to help restore services. IE, they WOULD have basic weapons training so that they can defend and help defend themselves .
    • Firms such as Blackwater (private mercenaries) would be banned.

I am totally burned out but there is so much more. please feel free to comment and discuss here!

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markBrown in NJ

2008 Haiku: Impeach Cheney; Pelosi Pardons ; Democracy Restored-- Pass it on

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