Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stupid iS: as Bush does:

Our Commander in Pajamas has AGAIN said "NO, NO, NO" (today: He is SUPPOSED to claim that HE (again, as Idiot in Chief) will be the ONLY ONE (NOT CONGRESS) to decide WHEN to withdraw the US TROOPS from IRAQ.

The CONTRARIAN says: (as I have said MANY MANY times!)

1) we needed 500,000 GROUND troops in IRAQ 4 years ago to secure the country.
NO troops, no success. THIS is the RESULT!

2) The war to make IRAQ free has ALREADY been LOST.

3) The BEST that we in the US of A can do now is PREVENT mass (two sided) GENOCIDE (aka civil war!)

4) We ABSOLUTELY need to TELL the PRESIDENT without a doubt that WE NEED our troops HOME

5) THE ONLY possible outcome (besides the US being in IRAQ until 2027) is that
THE UNITED NATIONS agrees to send in a MULTI-National force, to help the US.

5a) THe US must commit to at least 150,000 troops to support this UN force.

We have NO choice, we can SAY we will bring the troops home, but it is NOT feasible and is actually NOT the morally responsible thing to do now.

We need the following:
  • Congressional children enlisting and going to IRAQ
  • A National Reconciliation Commision, chaired by congress.
    • All those testifying will receive immunity from PROSECUTION, but must answer EVERY Question, and NAME names.
  • The Defense budget and War allocations must NOT be "special" allocations, but must go into the regular PENTAGON funding bills .
  • We need to start socializing that Bush W has started the modern equivalent of the 100 year wars.
  • The Hundred years wars were NOT called that originally. (Doy!)
    • George Bush,and the NEO-CONS have managed to create an IMPOSSIBLE situation. PERMANENT WAR with NO consequenses for themselves
WE need a truth and reconcilliation commision NOW....
Either that or IMPEACHMENT, and then a WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL!

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writerwoman said...

You rock. I couldn't have said it better myself.