Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WarninG: Stickam- Stick-it-to-me??

Ahem. kiddiies reading this, please leave.

OKAY. Parents... Here goes.

Stickam: Would You Let Your Children Use A Service Owned By Pornographers?

The NY Times (today) broke a very disturbing story. STICKAM, which allows its 600,000 registered users, age 14 and older, to participate in unfiltered live video chats using their Web cameras is owned by someone who ALSO OWNS Pornography sites, and both sites have COMMON OFFICES, and the customer service people for this site, are ALSO the customer service people for the Web sites that offering live sex shows over Web cameras.

But according to Alex Becker, a former vice president at Stickam, Advanced Video Communications, or AVC which owns Stickam is managed and owned by Wataru Takahashi, a Japanese businessman who also owns and operates DTI Services, a vast network of Web sites offering live sex shows over Web cameras. Mr. Becker alleges that Stickam shares office space, employees and computer systems with the pornographic Web sites.

Becker, who left Stickam after less then four months, because he refused to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement/Contract with Stickam said he was speaking out because the company was not doing enough to protect young users of its service.

GO read the ORIGINAL NY TIMES report

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