Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Detroit: Who left the A**holes in charge?? (TransFormerS)

I laugh. I cry.. I sympathize for the people who still live in Detroit.


WHO died and left A***HOLES in charge of General Motors?

They think they will win market share in THIS day and age by doing THIS???

Excite (AP) reports, "GM Hopes Movie Will Transform Sales"

In this photo provided by General Motors, a Hummer H2 is shown. The automaker is spending millions to promote and market its "Transformers" tie-ins. With a shrinking U.S. automotive market and amid stiff competition from overseas rivals, GM is banking on the exposure translating into sales.

Oh Irony of Ironies:
and I quote... (the director of the movie, says one of the cars, ...)
Bumblebee takes the shape of a well-traveled 1970s-era Camaro, prompting Fox's character to ask: " Why if he's such a super advanced robot does he turn into this piece of crap Camaro? "

Not long after, Bumblebee upgrades to the concept Camaro, an event that (..the director) said has been met with spontaneous audience applause at a number of screenings, including at a film festival in Italy.

GM is hoping car buyers have a similar reaction.

I say:
WHY the HECK didn't GM use it's BRAINS. WE DONT want the 60's MUSCLE cars ANYMORE.
STOP trying to FORCE FEED us these DAMN stupid Gas GUZZLERS! We're sick of them!

We want Gas saving cars. We DONT want the HYDROGEN car, and the BS research you're trying to force down our throats.

Start with diesels READY for bio-fuels.
Sell them READY to take WASTE Vegetable OIL (OR EVEN CLEAN veggie oil!--same difference.)

We don't WANT your damn sleazy 450 Horsepower cars that go 10 gallons per MILE!

to quote a book by Michael Moore "STUPID WHITE MEN!"

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writerwoman said...

I think gas guzzlers should be off the market. We are at a crisis point now.