Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Arugh: Life Imitates Art

I hate Television

I think television was introduced to this planet 100 years too early.

That having been said, I DO like the Simpsons!

But this???

8-13 (aka 7-11) has just (this weekend) converted a bunch of (12 to be exact) 7-11's into Simpson's "Quik-Mart"s including Cartoon fronts.

This is to promote the new Simpsons Movie..

I wonder if I have to have seen all 15 18 years of the Simpsons before seeing the movie?

Nah, not even FOX would be THAT stupid!


Oh, here is Original Article


Molly said...

I want a blue squishee pretty bad...but not bad enough to drive to Dallas.

I would for an ice cold Duff though!

Molly said...

drive to Dallas that is.

Markbnj said...

Hey... If Springfield NJ wins the contest to HOST the Simpsons MOVIE, maybe the SPRINGFIELD 7-11 (on a major Highway-Route 22) will also become one!