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tecH: Google/SUN Data Center in a box! True

OK. I feel VINDICATED. I wrote (VERY extensively, like here and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE( Links to come later!) About GOOGLE and their plan to RULE the world.

Or more accurately, the internet!

Today, what did I see? First, Bob (Robert) Cringely, who first wrote about the google Data center in a truck wrote: (today: A Tradition of Empty Boxes:Sun announces the Google shipping container data center, but will it fly? )
Showing that SUN will build the Google data centers for them. And. That Google has thought about it, and decided that (MY ANALYSIS HERE folks)
  1. Solaris 10 is OK enough for Google (or will they Still use their LINUX?)
  2. The Opteron will suffice for Google.
  3. The Google DPC (data processing center) in a trailer truck is NOT a strategic product for them.
  4. The fact that SUN will suggest that this be hooked up to a water source for water-cooling the CPU's makes it LESS portable.
  5. The fact that THEY dont have to build them, is a GOOD thing.
Now, Let's look at some of the OTHER things that google has been rumored to be building.

  1. Google PC/Google Box
  2. Google TV-Ads
  3. Google Dark Cable
  4. The GOOGLE Owns you
  5. Google-Net (ISP)
OK# Here's another question. (all these are mentioned/commented on by me at the BEGINNING references!!)

Do any of you remember a company called "MCI"? It was the SECOND biggest FRAUD ever unmasked in the UNITED Stattes. It was PERSONALLY responsible for the CRASH of the tech sector in late 2000. MCI's STOCK manipulations caused AT&T to CAVE into the pressure of its low (but HONEST) stock price, and SELL AT&T Cable, and AT&T Wireless (and eventually itself...)

At any rate, at the HEIGHT of the TELCOM/dot com bubble, companies like MCI/XO/level3 built TONS and TONS (miles and miles {or kilometers and kilometers} of FIBER optic cable across the ENTIRE United States. As they got the right of way, they would lay 5-20 multi-mode fiber cables, but ONLY activate ONE (or maybe two cables) across their whole Route.

The rest of those cables were never "lit-up" with data and remained "Dark fiber"

Well ALL of that dark fiber went up for sale, as various companies went belly up.

# 4: The Google Dark fiber. (And I will quote Bob Cringley, from here. Bob says:

Once you have a data center at every Internet peering point, you also have a data center in or near every major city in the developed world.

Possible application:...snip... (this) suggests Google might be interested in using the portable data centers for Voice-Over-IP telephony.

(summary of next paragraph here: Google is preventing possible "PAY for PLAY" scenarios by Telcos and cable companies, in order that they dont need to pay for bandwith (by being RIGHT there by the RBOC or cable company.)

... snip...The players in broadband Internet service - telephone and cable companies have as much to lose as they do to gain from the Internet.

  • The teleco's have voice service, undermined by VoIP.
  • The cable TV companies are risking their video service as telcos get set to offer various DSL video channels.

By Using their (Dark) fistful of optical fiber and having data centers at every peering point (MARK says at EVERY POP, not every Peering point. THink LOCAL...!) Google offers an alternative in case one party or another is tempted to undermine the system through technical tricks like altering the packet interleaving to mess with VoIP as I have written before.

This is Bob's way of introducing the gSpot, or one way to do this is with a hardware device the company is thinking of providing to customers. (Mark calls this the GOOGLEPC/GoogleTV/GoogleBOX)

Actually, Bob didnt say what I really think Google will do with them.
In THIS post, I explain where I think the Google (or Now SUN) DPC's will go. AT The LOCAL TELCO's, where the fiber terminates, as well as in the RBOC where the local cable HEAD end lives.
  • I say that Google will use its DARK fiber which goes from RBOC/POP to RBOC POP.
  • I say that Google will also connect fiber from the Local RBOC (their DARK fiber) to the local headend of EVERY cable company in the Country).
  • A requirement of Google to the RBOC is that GOOGLE rent space and a WATER SUPPLY in the BUILDING, or in a SECURED parking lot of EVERY place they run their fiber to.
So: To my local RBOC (in Union, NJ), Google will activate its fiber, and place a Google/SUN DPC {in a box/tractor trailer} in the parking lot or next to the building. Google will also run a (locally owned/billed by RBOC according to law) FIBER to the LOCAL cable company HEAD end, also in Union.

#3 Google-TV.

Let's say that Google has figured out how to personalize TV.
Let's say that instead of seeing the national McDonalds ad in the "American Idol" show, you would instead see a SPECIAL offer on YOUR PC saying, BOB DOE, at 123 park avenue, call our store at 999-9999 RIGHT now, for a special. We will give you 4 kids meals, and 2 super-sized adult specials TO go for ONLY $15.00 Only valid for next 15 minutes.

And you wouldn't see a cheesy "cable-TV" type ad either, it would be on a professional type background, but WHERE the heck did that information come from? AND WHAT Needs to be done to PERSONALIZE it, and SHOW it?

1) Google needs to negotiate a ad/split with the networks, whose commercials they will preempt.
2) Google needs to FEED the ad from their (now local) video server to the LOCAL Cable company Head end.
3) Google needs PERMISSION from the END User to accept this (possibly) intrusive advertising on THEIR TV set.

OK so what does GOOGLE need to do this?
  1. is complete, they've negotiated with the networks and cable companies already.
  2. The cable company notes that bob is watching tv on settop box #12345, and notifies Google WHAT station that the millers, at 123 park avenue are watching.
  3. Next, Google checks the commercial manifest, and takes the CABLETV provided channel, address, name, and (even # of kids in family!) and creates commercial on the fly at the lcoal DPC.
  4. The Google/SUN DPC in a box (that's a catchy trademark I say...) delivers the commercial from (the GOOGLE DPC) to the cable company..., and says, deliver to cable set 12345 at 123 park avenue.
  5. The Millers, amazed at the $15.00 offer for dinner for all, call local Mickey D's and orders, and is picked up in 10 minutes.

So the steps above illustrate step 2 how they personalize and feed the ad.
The LAST step is PERMISSION to do this from the customer

Ever hear of CLICK-thru licensing agreements? I hate 'em!

Google will go one further.
Go to WALMART, buy a $25.00 GoogleBox *

(I can't believe I have to spell this out. I thought EVERYONE got this in MARCH when I first posted this, but obviously NOT!)

* the $25.00 google box is a loss leader, but they want that out there, so you BUY into the commercials you will see from them!.
(Bob C Predicted LAST YEAR: the G-box will have TONS of ports: USB, RJ-45, RJ-11, analog and digital video, S-video, analog and optical sound,WiFi and Bluetooth. This little box is Google's interface to every computer, TV, and stereo system in your home, as well as linking to home automation and climate control. The cubes are networked together wirelessly in a mesh network, so only one need be attached to your broadband modem or router.
Bob goes on to say:

The gCube or -- how about this one, the gSpot?

I Like that gSpot Bob!

Google's gSpot could be consideredGoogle's version of the "Home Gateway."

Bob Continues:

The G-Box will function as a home gateway, but with two twists -- extremely low cost and massive deployment. You could have a Google box and get your home on the Internet, but if you had SIX Google boxes you could do so much more. Every TV could be independently on the Net; a couple computers could be running in different rooms; your telephone would be connected; maybe your house, itself, and even the house next door would be networked using the built-in mesh networking. That goes beyond any device I've yet seen described by, say, a Cisco.

Microsoft is effectively taping $126 to every xBox 360 as it leaves the factory. Say Google did something similar with the imbedded, unhackable, valueless for anything else gSpot, driving its cost down to $10 (it has to cost something or some people won't plug it in) from a Cost of Goods of, say, $40.

Now what Bob Cringley Doesn't say or predict, but I see, is that this gSpot, or GBox, will also have a shrink-wrap license allowing google to deliver the TV-Ads to your TV by having the BOX plugged in! That is the LAST piece that needs to be done so privacy isn't broken by having your name or address attached!.

What a world. I'll sign up for 5-6 at once, and give one to both my neighbors, and get free internet! hee hee!

What he ALSO doesnt say is that #5 above (remember G-ISP?) is a VERY VERY easy step to protect Google from "pay for bandwith/play" ploys, by teaming up with the OTHER ISP (either telco or Cable).

More food for thought.

And parts one and two (dark fiber, and the SUN DPC in a box) have come to fruition.

I AM available for hire, as a "futurist", or specialist in seeing future trends.

Markie Mark in NJ

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