Friday, October 20, 2006

TecH: How/why to USE FIREFOX

Why I am writing this?

I am writing this to assist one of my regular readers who said to me, they hadn't been by because my Top story hadn't changed. (it's the one that says SAVE our country, VOTE...)

Why to use Firefox:

A big bunch of reasons.
  1. It's Not written by the EVIL empire.
  2. It's NOT Internet Explorer.
  3. It's got the BEST ad-blocking software you'll ever see!
  4. It (out of the box) blocks ALL pop-ups (unless you want/need) them.
  5. Tabbed Windows-- don't believe they're helpful? Just wait until IE7 comes out. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.. BUT US FIREFOX USERS have had tabbed browsing for over two years (since the BETA version of FIREFOX!)
  6. It's NOT Netscape. Yes it is the Progeny of netscape, but NETSCAPE now uses FIREFOX and Mozilla, NOT the OTHER way around.
  7. It lets you subscribe to BLOG/syndication feeds (RSS feeds) by just clicking on the blog name!
  8. You will get a program that automatically updates itself.
  9. You can (optionally, and may be too advanced for some) block out ALL javascript and ALL scripts on a page UNLESS you click on them-- not recommended until you get used to be browser.

How to use Firefox:

Download firefox HERE (for english..). Install it. Once you install it, you will reboot, and then download the following extensions:
    1. Once firefox is open click the tools menu
    2. Click on Extensions (see photo here).
    3. Click on the "get more Extensions Link at the bottom right corner.
    4. Note the extensions I have/use. NoScript is the one I recommend AFTER you get used to the browser.
    5. Note that firefox automatically tells you if your extension needs to update itself!

    1. Download adblock Plus Here. (Click the Green button to download/install)

      1. (Click the Green button to download/install)
      2. Next install the updater program (that I use: Adblock Filterset.G
      3. Restart Firefox

How to Download Firefox

    Why you DON't want to download Internet Explorer 7.0

    Too Little, two years too late
    Deliberately attempts to BREAK firefox.

Once you have firefox:

Go to the website you want to subscribe to:
(say My website homepage )
Then look at your destination bar, you will see an orange symbol on the location bar.
(left) Click on the symbol, it will start a bookmark.
I like to create a new bookmark folder for blogs.
Once you do this, it will bookmark the blog's FEED.
  • Go to your bookmarks, find my site in the bookmarks:
    • Notice you will see a Right arrow on the right side:
      • Hover over the arrow, and you will see the last XX entries in my blog.
    • You no longer have to GO to the blog to get my latest entries, simply click on that link!


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