Monday, March 13, 2006

TecH: More on Google/NET, etc

Just a quick post.

In reviewing my Site logs, I've noticed that one of my number one posts is the Series on Google.

I just wanted to clarify a few thing, because I belive in total "transparancy" (Can't think of the right word).

a) I am a visionary. I can synthesize what others say, and build on them
b) Many Google references come from Bob Cringley, (see his blog on right side of the screen)
c) I will re-state this, based on some other theories in original messages:

c1) Google's Reported bidding for Lots of excess dark fiber running across country to hundreds of POP's across the Nation.
What is a POP?
what does this mean?
It means that Google will have a very inexpensive network of fiber going round
the country, from City to City.

c2) The data Center in a truck. Bob Cringely's original report told of the Google engineers cramming Hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of processors into a 40Ft tractor trailer Data center, which could be Trucked all over the country, and placed outside the locations of their POPS.
c2a) For those of you who have never seen the inside of a finished tractor trailer, might I suggest you look here
Mind you, you're NOT looking at the porta-johns, but the Building BEHIND the portaJohns, made out of 40ft LONG tractor trailer boxes (stacked two high here)
Yes, Johhnie, they WILL have carpeting, and perhaps a place to SIT in them, may not be two high, but will be QUITE secure, and QUITE permanent, outside the building, in the parking lot of the Local RBOC's POP.

We have network, we have processor Power, next we need the application.

c3) the Google video AD server. Google is getting contracts to PERSONALIZE the cable commercials. Will serve commercials from the local POP datacenter, so video doesnt go far!

c4) User buy in. The user Needs to buy a cheap box, that also gets them OTHER stuff, such as disk storage on the local pop datacenter?!!!

There, my dear readers is a rehash of all the other google posts I've posted.

I really get a kick of quoting myself...
Sorry. reality intercedes again


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