Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's CLOTURE for a REASON, you idiots!!!

OK. Today we dedicate to the Senate of the United States

It takes 60 senators voting together to STOP a filibuster in the Senate.

This is called Cloture

It's time for the 60 so called democratic senators to call a spade a spade.

Apparently, Both the Republican party, Ben Nelson, and Former Democrat (now alleged independent) Joe Lieberman need to learn that if they will NOT agree to sponsor the bill, they will be required to start to HOLD THE SENATE in CONTINUOUS session, until they lose.


You want to FILIBUSTER??? GO AHEAD. let's see it all on C-SPAN, and see what we get from all these so called representatives of our government.

I say it's time for Harry Reams to call a vote, and allow the senators to filibuster all they want.

WAIT till the voters NEXT year hear this. We'll have 70-90 democrats in the senate.

Your Thoughts? I welcome suggestions.

Look at my top 10 list.

Political (campaign) reform (eliminate special interest voting)
educational reform (day care from 6 months...
job training
mandatory service
SINGLE payer HEALTH-Care (phased in over 20 years...)
a LIVING wage.. (I started this blog over 3 years ago saying this!)
A HUGE green jobs project to undo the terrible injustices to mass transit made by General motors...
and more

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