Friday, January 15, 2010

Plagerism- the cruelest joke

Sometimes life imitates art.....

No, no no, that should be...

" Sometimes Art imitates life"

And sometimes it's just

Art imitates Art

And Sometimes, it's just plain Crazy...

Like this great Headline:

Russian Critics Highlight Similarities Between Film (Avatar) and Books

but go here and read all you care to

Essentially, he says...

"Cameron steals from the Strugatskys {Soviet authors of a 10 book series written in the 1990's) generously, using not only the planet Pandora which was invented by them," author and journalist Dmitry Bykov wrote in Russia's independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper. "The Na'vi are unequivocally reminiscent of the Nave."

Both "Avatar" and "Noon Universe" take place in the 22nd century, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper noted in a full-page, side-by-side analysis. Both Pandoras are densely forested, and always warm and humid.

Of course, Cameron does admit writing the script in the mid 1990's. Anyone care to check to see if the Russian books were translated into English??>>


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