Sunday, September 30, 2007

PolicY: The Reconstruction Agency (draft) update: 10-16-07

This is a placeholder for my "Big" rebuilding program.

Since the year 2000 our country has been RAPED, Pillaged, Lied to and Destroyed by the current incumbent of the White House. This post is NOT designed to place blame, but to try and rebuild our society.

I propose that we need to institute a FAR REACHING recovery program to REPAIR our society.

Several global programs are involved, and I feel that Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" legislation is a good way to start.

Items would include:
  1. Nationwide Health Insurance for ALL (finally!)
  2. six month till three year old day care for all
  3. National LIVING wage
  4. Mandatory three year conscription/service (military/alternative) after 3 year grace period.
  5. National Truth and Reconstruction Commission for crimes committed by REPUBLICANS and Political Donors
  6. Campaign FINANCE reform: $100.00 via interenet period.
  7. Nationwide "WPA" type reconstruction agency
  8. "Service Acadamy" (West point type) for people wishing advanced degrees in
    1. National MATH/Science training
    2. Advanced/Accelerated Teaching program
    3. Late life adult retraining institute

Essentially, my view is if you start with poverty, and work it backwards, it touches every single aspect of American life.

If we have a real living wage (we can no longer call it a minimum wage, because that's a farce!), then people will be able to support a family making this wage.

* I'd expect the base living wage to be around $15-18.00 an hour.
This also ties into the day care issue, as affordable day care (like they have in France) is a good start to getting our kids TRAINED to learn and LIKE learning.

* Next comes job training. Some will do the day care, in LOCAL, formal day care centers (which will have NO Television SETS at ALL!) Also will have formalized training programs, utilizing the service corp conscripts.

* After this is mandatory and full nationalized health care.
I'd like to propose a 15 year phase in of a single payer national mandatory plan, which will give the insurance companies time to transition.

** Alternative note, if we have a draft, and a 20 year reserve commitment, an alternative way to phase in full coverage is that all draft recruits receive full insurance, and it phases in as family benefit....

*Next is the Three year draft. UNPRIVATIZE the Cheney/Rumsfeld led "private military taxpayer fleecing act".
Army/Navy KP and laundry will be needed forever.

Three years because they WILL need to learn the high tech weapons too.
* The new military will have a mandatory reserve corp component for 20 years too. Once every year, just like the Israeli army.

There will need to be a 3-5 year phase in of the draft because the effect it will have on the universities and other associated industries.
* the conscientious objectors can go into the service corps, and serve the country instead.

* The new "Service Acadamy" (like West Point/Annapolis/Air Force/etc) will be used for training others

*and this leads to a good start to eliminate poverty, one of the reasons we have had this crisis in this country.

PS: updated update: On October 15th, Paul Krugman, the Op-Ed columnist for the NY Times was on Leonard Lopate on WNYC...Listen yourself HERE

More to come!
This is posted to start a conversation!

Mark Brown.

PS: spread the Haiku: Impeach Cheney. Pelosi Pardons. Democracy Restored.

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