Thursday, August 02, 2007

WTF: Stupid is as Ohio Does (new Anti-Choice laws)

Hey I admit it.

There is NOTHING new in the world.

I steal my stuff from other places too!

The Consumerist reports on the next wave of ANTI-CHOICE legislation...

Proposed LAW In Ohio Would Require ALL Women To Get A Man's Permission To Have An Abortion

Jesus Christ. ...[no... leave me out of this !!!]

Do I need to start on this? [yes, you started already]

1) It's the 21st century. What ever happened to Equal Rights???
2) WOMEN are now INFERIOR?
3) WHAT ever happened to "OUR BODIES, OUR SELVES"?

Get this:

Not knowing who the father of the fetus is couldn't be used as an excuse under the new law. Women would have to provide a list of potential fathers who would then be required to submit themselves to paternity testing until a father is found. It would also make it illegal for a man who isn't the father to provide the permission.

TALK about ILLEGAL like BUSH....

Let's see .

The Equal rights amendment (ERA) never passed in the 1970's and 1980's. It fell THREE votes (States) short of ratification.

IF you live in these states, start writing your state legislative delegation (You won't have any women I bet!)\

States that NEVER Ratified the ERA

  1. Alabama

  2. Arizona

  3. Arkansas

  4. Florida

  5. Georgia

  6. Illinois

  7. Louisiana

  8. Mississippi

  9. Missouri

  10. Nevada

  11. North Carolina

  12. Oklahoma

  13. South Carolina

  14. Utah

  15. Virginia

RUN ladies, don't walk, and START a "No ERA support NO sex campaign!"

Especially if you're married to a leglislator in one of those states!!!

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