Thursday, August 02, 2007

WTF: Stupid is as stupid DOES (Brittany/Lindsay)

Lindsay Lohan. 2 DWI/coke arrests in a week...

Now Brittany..
The AP says: Britney Behaved Badly at Photo Shoot

Britney Spears sat back and watched as her Yorkshire terrier puppy pooped on a $6,700 designer gown at a photo shoot for OK! magazine.

Now I really do feel that Brittany has gone thru a lot. Especially since her Ex cheated and has now fathered FIVE different children with four different women. (she has TWO kids by him while they were married!)

Damn. take a RIFLE to that man's balls, and Shoot them off!

Society is as Society Does.

Society is Crapped out, and this makes Every stupid woman think their contribution to the planet is SO Gosh Darned important that they must be forgiven for EVERYTHING.

Well Look at the stars of Yesteryear. THEY deserved it at least!

and they didn't have their dog poop on the goods that they didnt even own.
Bill that bitch for the ENTIRE cost
After about three hours, the 25-year-old singer bolted, walking away with more than $14,000 of borrowed apparel, Ivens said.

Send that woman a bill for $1,000,000 for damages!

Hell you won't find the Dixie Chicks having their dogs throw up at their press conferences...
SO much for a comeback album!

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