Friday, August 03, 2007

MideasT: DeBATE: Stupid IS (again?) Shooting Kills in Mideast

Excuse me? A quick question.

Since when did it become acceptable for people to celebrate HAPPY occasions by
SHOOTing ANY kind of weapon in the air to CELEBRATE?

I hypothesize that this is STRICTLY an ARAB tradition, and VERY warped at that!

Today, Iraqis celebrated the victory of their national soccer team over South Korea by going out in Bagdad, and shooting both handguns, automatic weapons and RIFLES into the air.

MAYBE they should ban that?

Perhaps shoot ARROWS into the air INSTEAD???!!!

I like that idea.

Shoot an arrow in the air
where it lands, I know not where

Maybe if they shot arrows they would have heard the suicide bombers that attacked and killed 50+ during their celebrations.


CIVILIZED people in the world DO NOT SHOOT weapons of ANY type into the air, especially to CELEBRATE ANY kind of occasssion.

Shooting weapons in the air is NOT healthy, especially if someone gets hurt.

Shooting weapons in the air is better then shooting your friends.

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