Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TecH: The PopEYE effect (I YAM what IYAM)

User-Friendly for those who have never seen it, is one of the ORIGINAL internet comic strips.
It tells about the day to day activities of an ISP (way up in CANADA....)
and the archives from the FIRST day (Soon to be TEN years ago! in 1997!) to the present.

I admit when I discovered them in the late 1990's I went to the archive and read it from the beginning, about one-two months at a time (so my boss never saw me reading a YEAR's worth of strips at once!)

I call this the popeye effect because I too, owned an Apple II+ (the PLUS stood for Applesoft Plus basic!--aka the ONLY product Bill Gates ever wrote himself!)

So... Thanks Sid... I agree. Thanks Bill (Oops... I just thanked Bill gates?!!), and thanks Illiad, for almost ten years of making fun of geeks like me...


cheryl said...

OMG - is it 30 years?!!!

fad said...

I think computers and technology are moving too fast.The only bad thing Bill Gates is bad off is the fact he's making money out of us.


Markbnj said...

Amazingly enough the boy billionaire (I'll always call him that even though he is only one year older then me)
has told Micro$quish that they need to sell windows xp starter, office, and a few other things for only $3.00 to third world countries.

It's a start, and no, I don't think Singapore qualifies for that deal...

Heh heh

writerwoman said...


I linked to you at The Shores of My Dreams, just so you know.

Hope you are having a great day.