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MidEasT: Sick to my stomach

Congratulation to the HAMAS victors!

You beat the PLO in Gaza. Now what?

I've attached a video that is ALMOST sickening.

The voice over is by the KIDNAPPED BBC reporter Alan Johnston. He was kidnapped, by ARAB gunmen, and has been missing for almost three months

This was put on you-tube on may 23rd.

What's especially interesting, is at 2:53 seconds in the video when one of the {arab} victims (bystanders) says,
Oh, I wish we could have the Israelis again.

And below this I am including the comments on the video, including the discussion from the
Hey. I am not modifying this one iota. This is the verbatim comments from this video.

To summarize: a Palestinian who "went abroad" for his education,(aka "bailing out of the sinking ship of GAZA and the REFUGEE camps")
Says (from 5,000 miles away)

and I quote (and reformat the paragraph, but dont change a word!!):
As a Palestinian Muslim :
one must fight for all of Palestine ---
from the river Jordan to the Medditarean sea, (he should learn to spell (heh heh)
Israel can not have a grain of our soil!!
And Hamas recognises this well --
that is why they recieve so much support of the Palestinian people.

Long Live HAMAS!! Long Live Palestine!! Death to Israel!!

And he continues...

Excuse me. Mark here again. The United Nations (the VERY same people who run YOUR refugee camps inside of Gaza) declared that ISRAEL has a right to be a state in 1948!
(see my original post here...)

...Continues here...
Israel does not exist.
{oh right...}
You will not get a grain of our soil.
{see above- where the UN declared a TWO state solution to this STUPID mess THAT YOU and YOUR brothers caused to US almost 70 years ago}

Our leaders are ordinary Palestinian people,
who's kids attend the same Hamas funded schools i attended.

{Yeah, that's the party line, they provide food, education, and brainwashing. Did any of your schoolbooks ever have a space for Israel in them? I doubt it. Israeli's DO show the ARAB countries in THEIR textbooks though!}

They drive ordinary cars like us,
{Yeah, like the Mercedes convertibles I saw on the news as you destroyed the PLO palaces...}
we love and honour and are loyal to such our beautiful leaders.

{Yeah, well ISRAEL made two HUGE mistakes. One, they did NOT expel EVERY single arab who lived in the west bank in 1967, and two; they stupidly thought that by INTEGRATING the ARABs in the west bank/Gaza into Israel's economy that the ARABS would ENJOY a better lifestyle, and have $$$$ money, and thus support ISRAEL.}
{YOU are right. WE were the stupid ones.
  • We did NOT massacre you like YOUR leaders claimed they would do to US in 1948.
  • We Did NOT isolate you and put BORDERS up UNTIL the last few years after the SECOND infatah.
  • We SHOULD have put barbed wire up the DAY we took over Jerusalem and the west bank and Gaza, and THROWN your stupid bodies up in LEBANON and the Jordanian REFUGEE camps.
  • We should NEVER have allowed YOU (actually your PARENTS) to work in Israel and make a decent wage.
  • We gave you Power, Light, TV, clean water and sewers, and EVEN internet. WHAT a mistake. We should have just bombed you into the TOTAL dark ages like you are trying to do to US.
  • We are your brothers. We didn't DESTROY YOUR cemetaries, and build HOTELS and roads through OUR cemetaries.
  • We SHOULD have blown up the dome of the Rock MOSQUE the SECOND we controlled the old city of Jerusalem. It would have NEVER ever been rebuilt.
  • And what a shame that in the FIRST Gulf war, Saadam's Missles MISSED the dome of the rock. What a funny thing that would have been... Watching Saadam destroy the third holiest site in Islam... Heh Heh

It is you people that steal millions of dollars from us.
  • Right. Why would you want your SWORN enemy to GIVE you even ONE kopek, to keep you alive?
  • The money is in SAFEKEEPING, and when a GOVERNMENT that is NOT sworn to the TOTAL destruction of the state of ISRAEL comes back, you'll get it.
    • It REALLY wasn't THAT hard to say... OK, Israel has a RIGHT to exist, was it??? WHEN YOU say that, we will NOT BELIEVE it, based on your CURRENT and past performances. BUT we will WAIT until you FINALLY say it before you get ONE darn ruble from US, the US of A, or ANY other country... YOU BROUGHT this on yourself!
Your people have crippled our economy, and continue to steal.
  • As I said above. YOU crippled your OWN economy. I guess your dad DOESNT miss his old job in "OPRESSOR Israel?" tough shit. Eat dirt now. YOU MADE your BED, now you can lie in it.
Wallahi we will expel you thieves from our Glorious Nation of Palestine.
  • Yeah right. As soon as IRAN gets their NUKES, and gives it to HIZBOLLAH, or to YOU, and you try and nuke us, WE will retaliate and wipe out EVERY single FRIGGING ARAB country, as well as EVERY SINGLE nation on earth. It won't matter if you've already wiped us out. We have our ways, and we will SCORCH THE ENTIRE EARTH (remember GOG vs. MaGOG?) and WE will win, since EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at that point will be dead. ESPECIALLY YOU you jerk!
  • YOU want Scorched earth, NO PROBLEM, the 780MILLION muslims on the earth will ALL say "WHAT THE F#$^&K did you go and blow up our brothers for----
    • AND you and your STUPID assed HAMAS brothers will ROAST in the ISLAMIC equivalent of HELL.
      • NO 99 virgins, NO praise, NO death money for your poor parents.
      • YOU will have SCORCHED earth. NOT a one damned arab, or HUMAN will survive.
We love and honour and are loyal to such our beautiful leaders.
{Yeah, the ones that have millions of dollars in THEIR Swiss numbered bank accounts.}
And the fun continues:

Every thing that Palestinian soldier said is truth and every Palestinian Muslim must embrace that Fatah is co-operating with our enemies-------> Israel and America. As a Palestinian Muslim one must fight for all of Palestine from the river Jordan to the Medditarean sea, Israel can not have a grain of our soil!! And Hamas recognises this well, that is why they recieve so much support of the Palestinian people. Long Live HAMAS!! Long Live Palestine!! Death to Israel!!

and someone else who catches the irony says:
Says the guy who's living it up in Australia while his "people" are suffering.
I move to Australia a year ago for further education,
{Yeah, learn proper english too!-- I MOVED to Australia...}
and here for three more years, like many Palestinians,
{bullshit---I know There are more so called Palestinians OUTSIDE of ISRAEL, then INSIDE the camps!!!}
I go back to Palestine and fight for my beautiful people and extract the jewish thiefs from our homes.
{See my comments above about "you and what army?"}
You tried to EXTERMINATE us in 1919, 1929, 1937, (before we had the state), and then again in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and 1980

When oh When dear brother Ishamel, will you learn that we ARE brothers, and WE CAN live in peace. }

My people have suffered enough and Hamas will liberate kullu Falistiin, Inshallah.
Yeah, but HAMAS will destroy the entire land... Look at your brothers being killed in LEBANON with Hizbollah... HEh heh. make me laugh again..

Long Live Hamas!! Long Live Palestine!! Death to Israel!!

AND I leave you with a question...

Why is it EVEN when the ARABS (palestinians) are KILLING fellow ARABS (palestinians)
THEY STILL BLAME the jews, EVEN though it is a palestinian KILLING them??

Answer: because they haven't yet realized that in 1948 there was a declaration that there were to be TWO states in the BRITISH mandate of Palestine, NOT ONE.

WHEN HAMAS, the PLO and EVERY SINGLE arab state accepts the 1948 UN two state solution, then THERE WILL BE ETERNAL peace between ISRAEL, and her brother ARABS.


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