Sunday, March 05, 2006

MidEasT: Academy Awards:: PALEstine?? No such place

Excuse me
[idiotic RANTING mode ON]

Palestine? Ain't No such STATE.
Oh you mean the place Israel calls the West Bank, and that the United States politely calls the "Occupied Terrorities" sometimes?

Well Let's take a walk back a few years.
The Year is 1948. WW II has just ended, and Hitler's Plan to Exterminate the Jewish race is 1/2 over. Six Million Jews were killed, and Gassed in his mass extermination plan.

What do we (The world powers--USSR/Rusia/Britian/Frace) do? They have the UN PARTITION the British administered area of PALESTINE into TWO states. A JEWISH STATE and an ARAB state.

Wow. The day this happened, two things happened very quickly. The Jewish state, called Israel, was attacked by EVERY single Arab Nation in the area.

The other thing that most people don't remember is that the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, ANNEXED ALL OF THE LAND of the ARAB STATE the SAME darn day.

THAT is where PALESTINE is.
Go take over Jordan.
Yes. I want a two state solution.
I want the original 1948 borders, which DONT include Jerusalem in the ARAB state.
STAY OUT OF THIS BLATENT ATTEMPT TO POLITICIZE the Oscars to benefit the phantom country of PALESTINE.....

Oh. And guess what? The Arab State of Dubai (United Arab Emerites) STILL enforces the Arab Boycott of Israel.

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