Saturday, March 04, 2006

TecH: More on Google Ascending to the TOP of the tech Heap

Ok. My favorite Technology prognosticator talks more about the Next internet, or what will be coming next.

I say: Bob... You missed your own point from last month... Google will be eating up EVERYONE's supper, because of the following ( Summary of Bob's "Google Rules Everything" ):

You yourself (that is BOB) put together the essence of this. I just have the ability to see the


and string these things together.

The Google PC, or application box.
The Google Dark Fiber network
The Google (Mobile) truck borne data center
The google Network contracts with the networks

AND this, the piece de resistance. The google (you bought into*) personalized video commercials. Presented to you LOCALLY, by national OR local advertisers who want YOU to see their ads!

I still say WOW!!!

* THe google PC, or media adapter, or whatever they call it, that you will need to buy, in as your consent to this whole deal

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