Friday, June 08, 2007

Believe it or NOT: Wheelchair goes 60MPH!

OK. A picture for those non-believers!

The REG tells the story of the chap who hitch-hiked onto a Truck AND LIVED

The hitchhiker, whose wheelchair got sucked into the grill of the truck, survived because he WAS WEARING HIS chair's SEATBELT!!!! (otherwise he would have been run-over by the truck!)

Ben Carpenter (the lucky hitchhiker) told police that, "it was quite a ride", but complained only that he had spilled his soda.

"I was probably thinking that he [the driver] is going to keep going, not stop anywhere, go 50-60 miles somewhere".

"I mean I would have been dead way before that," he added."

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naynayfazz said...

Man, and I thought I was the only one who find bizarre news. HA HA Interesting....