Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Voting Machines: The TRUTH about the LAST FL. Election!

Ah. It starts to get interesting again.
Despite the Register's Dislike of The Cringe (The REAL PC industry Gossip columnist for the past 20 years...)---{WAY before the REG was created of course!}

Robert Cringely reports (from HERE) that The 2006 election which lost 18,000 votes WAS CAUSED by a SECURITY lapse that was FOUR YEARS old of the SLAMMER SQL worm.

Note to self: Don't give TMI (too much information-- look HERE )
The slammer worm was essentially a security breach on servers, which quickly takes a network down!

At any rate, the VOTER IMPACT of the SCANDAL is OBVIOUS:
Republican Vern Buchanan was ultimately certified as the winner over Democrat Jennings by just 369 votes.

An ongoing investigation by state officials has been unable to determine the cause of some 18,000 so-called undervotes (votes that were reportedly cast but not recorded) registered only on Democratic-leaning Sarasota's touch-screen voting systems.
Gee. Can you SAY REPUBLICIAN monkey business???

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