Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NewS: A stalker! I have a Stalker..

Geee. Now I know I have a life. After readership in the low tens, I always figured that I write this blog Just for myself

But I've just discovered I've been diss'ed as a jerk on someone else's blog by someone who said they;ve seen and dismissed my blog.

That's nice.

But... If you happen to be reading this I have THREE different BLOGS.
  1. This original one (An Eclectic's view of life)
  2. My main poetry blog where I've committed to writing a poem a day for at least a year.
  3. The Automated Poetry Machine where I invite people to help me write a poem, by supplying a name, a topic, and a feeling and I will write a poem for them.
So, gee I have a stalker... Be still my heart...
just kidding.

If I ever thought I wrote a word in these blogs for anyone else, I'd need to have my head examined.
But I don't mind sharing with others.

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