Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TecH: The Google phone -

Google phone - it's for real | The Register

Some interesting snippets:

"...Rubin was a veteran ...snip...but is best known for leading WebTV and subsequently Danger Inc. Danger produced one of the most-photographed phones of recent years, thanks to Paris Hilton: its Hiptop is marketed by T-Mobile as the Sidekick....

Also on the team are Apple veteran and Graphics expert Mike Reed worked on the ill-fated QuickDraw GX and on font technology at Apple. Google acquired his start-up Skia, which produced a vector graphics suite for resource constrained devices. ahem... starting to get hotter

Reqwireless, based in Waterloo, Canada, (west coast!) will be providing the applications. (Google already offers a well-received, Java-based email client for mobiles, and a similar application for Google Maps).

Very interesting, and a no-brainer if it's almost free!

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