Monday, March 19, 2007

Guest Poet: One of our vets in Washington.

Over at his BLOG, one of our victims of this terrible war has posted a poem on his public blog...

Here is his poem: (Source)

Heart tick tick ticking
Harder, louder
Perspiration cold against the neck
Foreheads on fire

Palms clammy cool
Prickles down the arm
Head's pounding ringing
A human fire alarm

Anxious, trembling
Concentration will refrain
Stress will take over
Scattering the brain,

Here there everywhere,
Recycling the thoughts
the past has embedded
In the mind.

Play Rewind. Play Rewind.
A twisted sitcom
On rerun.
Change the channel,
I've seen this one.

Take the remote,
Before it comes back,
Turn off this panic attack.

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