Monday, March 19, 2007

TecH: IE 7 Urgent BUG Report (hee hee)

OK. SO I am a FIREFOX phreak.
(go here) to be updated in future-- to learn how to get firefox and
STOP using Microsoft's IE 6 or (IE 7)...

Oh, and Microsoft LIED when they said in 2001, that windows 2000 was the preferred corporate solution and would be Supported till 2010.

They Lied because I can't RUN IE7, because I have windows 2000
They lied because they DIDN't provide FREE daylight savings time Fixes for the bug last week
They lied because EVERYTHING about IE has been a lie.

Am I angry? Nah...

the REG reports that a slimy exploit exists that will replace a local (on your pc) page, with one that says, please click to retry (originating from a foreign site)

Ah the wonders of IE7.

Bet you can't remove it from your pc, either!

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