Friday, March 30, 2007


OK. Now I REALLY want to throw up... OL' Froth shows us a 10 min clip of
REAL REPUBLICANs at work....
GOT 10 minutes? l want to throw up.... REALLY and as a TRUE DEMOCRAT of OUR COUNTRY.

Ms. Lurita Doran, the HEAD of the GSA(Government Services Administration) that HUGE supposedly NON-PARTISAN agency that RUNS the ENTIRE government (and provides copiers, computers, and paper clips too)

Is sitting thru a scathing session on CSPAN3 dated yesterday, of Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), asking her about a POWER-point presentation on GSA property, DURING work hours from a WHITE house (non-career) employee, talking about HOW the GSA can help
take back the SENATE and Congress in 2008

YOU've gotta take the 10 minutes this clip will go, and just watch, and ...
YOU'll be as mortified as I was at her CRASS BULLSHIT


It starts with her saying,
yes I guess that my office gave YOU this powerpoint.
Yes, I understand that the powerpoint was presented
NO I don't remember a thing.
No, I didnt know waht that slide meant, I dont recall ever seeing this before
No, I dont recognize this
Yes, this was given by a political operative of the white house, as a "team building" exercise
No, I dont remember getting up after the presentation and saying anything
OH, you have sworn statements that I said, LETS give 100% of the GSA to get the TEAM going from now ON???

OH I dont remember that

OH, I'm under oath? are you saying I'm lying?
NO, we have statements from multiple parties at taht meeting that you said similar comments.

and SQUIRM squirm, squirm she does.

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