Monday, December 18, 2006

midEasT: West Bank Civil War- Still blame Israel


I actually find this funny.

The Hamas-nicks and the PLO-nicks in the west bank are killing each other because Hamas still refuses to acknowledge the state of ISRAEL...

And yet, in the middle of a press conference where the darned guys were speaking Arabic (for the BBC, no less--Right, they are likely all Cambridge educated)

They say they want the OTHER side to stop
Getting arms from america.
Get the EU to enact sanctions against Israel
get ISRAEL to withdraw to the 1967 border

FORGET the 67 borders

WE demand the 1948 UN two state borders.
WHEN the palestinians ACCEPT the 1948 TWO state solution, 95% of the "palestinian" problem will go away.

Oh, yes... That the 1948 borders include 30% of Jordan? who cares.
When the ARAB world accepts the 1948 UN 2 state solution and borders,
THEN ISRAEL will discuss making Jersalem an INTERNATIONAL city, and we'll ALL
have peace forever...

'nuff said

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